Başkentray Project

Baskentray Stations and Timetables
Baskentray Stations and Timetables

Başkentray Project: In Ankara; With the BAŞKENTRAY Project, which aims to raise suburban lines to the subway standard; The 6 road between Ankara-Behiçbey, the 5 road between Behiçbey-Sincan and the 4 road between Ankara-Kayaş is being reconstructed and it is planned to separate the high-speed, conventional and suburban lines.

In this context, all stations and platforms are reconstructed in the subway standard; all level crossings are planned to be lifted and underpass / overpasses will be constructed and new suburban lines will be put into service.

Project; By integrating with the other public transport system of the capital, the annual number of passengers will increase from 15 to 60 million, and every 2 is scheduled for a suburban flight every minute.

Photos of Başkentray in Instagram Account 1. Within the scope of the stage, a new line between Ankara-Marşandiz, 2 line, a new line between Marşandiz and Sincan, Lale and Air Stations, construction of road underpass construction and electromechanical systems will be realized and then it is planned to move to other stages of Başkentray.

The project, which will be realized by Colin-Savronik-GCF consortium, is planned to be completed in 14 months. Similarly, TCDD also carries out Egeray projects in Marmaray, Izmir.

NOTE: The above information is general and the Başkentray Project, which was started in 2011 due to some courts between TCDD and Ankara Municipality, was suspended and put out to tender again.


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