The transport sector has come to a halt

Transport sector came to a halt: Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry said in a statement that high document fees brought the transportation sector to a halt.
Van TSO said in a statement, K Type authorization documents applied to the high wages of the firms operating in the transport sector continued to victimize.
According to the Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry, within the framework of the Directorate of Highways Transportation Directorate, the K1 mandate required for the companies operating in the domestic transportation sector has brought the sector to a standstill. 1 TL, 17.594,00 TL for K2 Certificate, and 8.796 thousand 3 TL for the K8 Certificate brought the sector to a halt. Wage differences between the documents experienced in the purchase of Type K Authorization Certificate in the transportation sector which has an important place especially in Van, and the wage policy applied in the vehicle card transactions of the existing document owners continue to be problematic. Özellikle
The documents issued by the Ministry of Transport for every vehicle moving on highways have become a system that has been continuing for nearly 8 for a year. If any of the information in these cards is changed, the vehicle card must be changed. Each vehicle card change is the same as the cost of removing a new vehicle card. In case of any change in the information of the company, even the vehicle cards of the vehicles in the vehicle list should be changed. In this case, authorized companies have to pay for each vehicle card again and they have to face very serious costs. In our country, especially for each vehicle moving by the Ministry of Transport on the road document editing process has become a system that has been continuing for nearly 8 years. For this purpose, providing a convenience to citizens in a system that is now at a stand is very important for the industry to live. The document fees will be reviewed by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, reducing the number of installments or installments will pave the way for the sector Deniz.

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