High speed train and ring road good news from Çalık to the people of Malatya

📩 30/11/2018 12:36

High-speed train and ring road gospel from Çalık to Malatya: Malatya MP Öznur Çalık informed Malatya with two good news. The tender of the North Ring Road and High Speed ​​Train Project will be announced in May.
Malatya deputy Oznur Calik, the Malawi 2 heralded by the news.
Deputy Çalık said, “We were presented with these two problems in every place. We had two primary problems. One of them was the Northern Ring Road to enter Malatya. The other was the High Speed ​​Train. Our Minister of Transport gave the instructions. The first week of May will be put out to tender and both will be held. .
Malatya, which is heard for the first time by the public in Malatya, will start quickly in places where there is no expropriation for the Northern ring road. He said good luck to Malatya. He is preparing for 2023 in Malatya.

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