Aydın Büyükşehir Belediyesi has taken a hand in the highway

aydin buyuksehir municipality seized the highway in the street
aydin buyuksehir municipality seized the highway in the street

📩 07/02/2021 14:37

Aydın Metropolitan Municipality has taken a hand to the ring road in the street: Aydın Büyükşehir Belediyesi is launching the service attack in the districts connected to it.

After AYBA, which started field studies in Söke last week, the Directorate of Urban Aesthetics, Directorate of City Aesthetics, handed over a ring road in Söke.

Özlem Çerçioğlu'nun highlighted during the election period by highlighting the Metropolitan, Söke-Aydın route starting from the entrance of the Söke-Milas highway, or even began the work of landscaping. Within the scope of the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality, the teams on the Söke Milas Highway starting from the Regional Traffic (Novada) Junction of the district; In the first stage of the Newborn exit to the Güllübahçe intersection until the middle of the median regulation will do the work. Refugees and landscaping works on the highway cover about 32 kilometers up to Akyeniköy, known as Dalyan Intersection.

Fatih The districts of Aydın will also have a large share of the services of the Metropolitan Municipality and Özlem Çerçioğlu ehir. the city's entry points, said the mirror of the cities. Fatih Akkentli stated that Aydın Büyükşehir Belediyesi has begun to make itself felt before the election and that the service attack will continue in the districts. he wished the work would be beneficial.

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