What happened to Trabzon Meydandan Boztepeye cable car project

What happened to Trabzon Square to Boztepeye cable car project: The fate of the cable car project to Boztepe, which is the unchanging promise of each election period, was a matter of curiosity.

Trabzon area in the city center of the Atatürk area Boztepe cable car was made in the period of the former president of the city Asim Aykan, who took office after the Aykan'ın Niyazi Sürmen'in, as a businessman's grants from Bursa, the work of the cable car materials were sold later was scrapped. One of the targets of Orhan Gümrükçüoğlu, who was elected as Mayor in 2009, was to build a ropeway to Boztepe. Gümrükçüoğlu presidency during the period did not bring up the construction of the cable car, the project will be done a few days before the election, he said. Boztepe'ya cable car construction work, now the Mayor of Ortahisar Ahmet Metin Young'e remained. It will be apparent that Genç will establish a ropeway to the Boztepe from the Atatürk area.

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