Prime Minister, inaugurated Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro Line

The Prime Minister inaugurated the Kızılay-Çayyolu Subway Line: The Kızılay-Çayyolu line was opened in the capital Ankara. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a speech at the opening. Erdogan gave good news to Ankara residents by saying, "Our new subway is free for a week" for the new metro line.
Here are some notes from his lectures:
This subway was completed 10 months before the promised date and was put into service for you, citizens of Ankara. Now we have a subway project to Esenboğa Airport on our agenda. Ankara will be an exemplary city in public transportation. I wish the metro lines to be beneficial to our capital. I wish our citizens to travel peacefully and safely. We make a policy of service. The donkey dies, its sadness remains, the human remains its work. You see, even a trace remains from the donkey. As a human, we say put a work, they produce words. Are there any works in them? Now they are out and talking. Put forth such projects that they are credible. You say "I will download the diesel fuel, use the free rail system, the buses will be free" How will you pay the staff's salary. Speak so accurately that it has credibility. The liar's candle burns until nightfall. Those of them were extinguished before the night.
We prepare 2023 in Turkey. As in METU, we do not give Molotov cocktails to our children, we do not give slingshots to our children; We give tablet computer, book, pen. We have a difference. Therefore, I hope my nation will not come to these games. They burned our election vehicles in various places and burned our party centers. You were democratic? These have nothing to do with democracy, they do not believe in the ballot box. They are already seeing March 30. Now they say, "Let's create chaos and get results". My brothers will give the answer on March 30.
The change experienced in Ankara alone is an example in itself. Where is Ankara in the 1970s and where is Ankara today? Was there an airport in Ankara? Our municipality brought Turgut Özal Boulevard to Ankara from the airport. There is a completely enriched modern city with 3 departures and 3 arrivals. There used to be slums. Were there slums on the left and right in northern Ankara? With the urban transformation, the municipality and TOKI united and built modern buildings. It will become much more beautiful now. It gained the title of Capital with its roads, parks and rail system. Our new metro line is free for a week.
The journey between Kızılay and Çayyolu, which has a total length of 16,5 kilometers and an 11 station, is scheduled to last for 25 minutes.
The first stop of the line will be Kızılay Metro Station, which is the passenger drop-off stop of the Batıkent line, and there are "Kızılay, Necatibey, National Library, Söğütözü, MTA, METU, Bilkent, Ministry of Agriculture-Council of State, Beytepe, Ümitköy, Çayyolu and Koru" stations on the route.




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