It is More Appropriate to Build a Monorail in Malatya Instead of Trambus

It is More Convenient to Monorail Instead of Trambus in Malatya: Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MÜSİAD) Malatya Branch listened to the candidates of the Mayor of the Nationalist Movement Party.
MÜSİAD Malatya Branch members, MHP Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Assoc. Dr. Fikret Şinasi listened to the projects of Kazancıoğlu and MHP Yeşilyurt Central District Candidate Vahdettin Mumcu.
MUSIAD Malatya Branch Speaking at the meeting MUSIAD Malatya Branch President Mehmet Balin, olan Leadership qualifications, an exemplary community, effective decision-making process, a visionary mayor should be in office. He must be determined, knowledgeable and successful. The person who will be the mayor needs to have a productive intelligence. It should aim to move forward instead of protecting the current taş.
Balin, knowing the right and law, acting according to the beliefs of a management want to express, "the provincial of our city at every stage of the work to be done in consultation with civil society organizations we want a management," he said.
MHP Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Assoc. Dr. Fikret Şinasi Kazancıoğlu noted that they have a management understanding that developed Malatya and said, “Our obligation to be honest and moral will be other things. "It will be a management that can take the task, object to it, seek the right of Malatya, do not let Malatya grow, but leave it to develop."
Kazancıoğlu said that Malatya did not develop despite its growth and said, “There is a lot to be done in Malatya. Unfortunately Malatya has grown but not developed. Growing up and developing are separate things. It is not nice to grow. Imagine that cancer cells are growing, life will end. For him, development is the main thing. Bridges, roads are of course very important, but meeting and protecting brands of Malatya means improvement. Malatya lost its fame. I see them sadly. Malatya counts in every sense, "he said.
Stating that transportation has become a goal in Malatya, Kazancıoğlu said, “There are reasons for the preference of a city. You can sit for a residence in a city, the second can sit for work, the third can sit for training, the fourth can sit for rest. But in order to do all this, transportation, which is the vehicle, must be good. Transportation is a means, not a purpose. Transportation in Malatya has become a purpose, not a means of transportation. ”
Kazancıoğlu stated that Malatya people mentioned the traffic as the first problem and said, “Transportation is not an unsolvable problem. Malatya has serious problems with both urban and public transportation and parking. The cruise time in the city is very long. No one-way traffic, no turning left or right. We cannot live in such traffic. Such traffic does not make us comfortable. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation in Malatya. There are public transportation projects in the place which is the ring road but not the ring road. If the trambus auction can be reversed, we will return quickly. I mentioned the monorail project. The monorail may be slightly higher in cost. But the most comfortable solution for Malatya is Monorail. The monorail will not split down. He will not divide the city in two and the traffic will continue below. ”
Stating that they will make Cost Benefit Analysis regarding the North and South ring road, “The North and South ring road has been mentioned for years. Malatya needs to get rid of the East-West, that is, one-way axis and move towards the North axis. Because Malatya has a single-aisle residential center. In that sense, I think it is not meaningful to bring the ring road to the fore. Cost Benefit Analysis will be done. After this analysis, the North or South ring road will be decided. ”
Kazancıoğlu stated that the city was divided into two by rail, and said:
“In Malatya, the railway divides the city into two. It is possible to take the road as a workaround, but the fast train is mentioned. If a high-speed train arrives, I am not talking about taking the railway on a road horse, but about shifting. We will bring Yazlak-Dilek stations together and bring them to the level of Battalgazi station. On the edge of the dam, we will take the railroad from there parallel to the coastal road. We will save the city from dividing it in two. Because the city has to grow. We have to enlarge the city towards the North axis.


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