İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge is moving in full swing

İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge is advancing at full speed: Fikri Işık, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, said, “İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge is advancing at full speed. In December 2015, we will reach Bursa from Gebze in half an hour, ”he said.
Işık, during his visit to Hasan Soba, who was elected AK Party Gebze District President at the congress held last week, talked about the works he did in Gebze when his party was first established.
Stating that large investments were made in the district during the AK Party period, Işık said that Gebze had a city identity.
Light, established in Gebze Technical University (GTU) expressed in a few years will be one of Turkey's most powerful university 4-5, "the sky is falling service. Small services are no longer seen. At the beginning of our 2023 goals in Gebze, the extension of the metro to the district, Gebze, comes. Work on Marmaray continues. Soon from Gebze HalkalıWe will have the opportunity to go to Turkey in 1 hour and 15 minutes without getting stuck in traffic. Currently, preparations have been made for the tender of the Northern Marmara Motorway. Its tender will be held in March. Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge is advancing at full speed. In December 2015, we will reach Bursa from Gebze in half an hour ”.
Işık said that people now expect bigger projects than themselves and said:
“Until the end of next year, both the third bridge will be activated and the tunnel rubber transition under the strait will be activated. Not many people would believe that these would be done 10-12 years ago. We say it will end now. Currently, the construction of the tunnel under the strait where rubber-wheeled vehicles will pass. Thank God Kılıçdaroğlu did not realize it, because it was underground, he could not oppose much. When the work was on its way, there was nothing more to say. The third airport started and is walking at a great pace. Turkey's massive work projects a visionary leader, a nation standing tall behind him, establishing strong bonds between the part of the nation, the success of the organization revealed that bridge. "

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