06 Ankara

Bagel passengers in Ankara

Turkish bagel surprise for metro passengers: Ankara Yenimahalle Municipality welcomed the citizens who went to work at Ostim Metro. In the early morning, at the Ostim-Metro exit, Yenimahalleli people will be [more…]

07 Antalya

Tram Murder Struck in Antalya

The Person Who Was Hit By Tram In Antalya Died: A 59-year-old person who wanted to cross the road in Kepez district died as a result of the tram crash. According to the information received, the campaign of Meydan-Fatih [more…]

34 Istanbul

3.Köprü Not a Traffic Remedy

The 3rd Bridge is not a Solution to Traffic: The 3rd Airport, the 3rd Bridge and the Canal, which we often encounter in election campaigns, have examined the scientists how Istanbul will affect Istanbul. “Three that will affect the future of Istanbul [more…]


Antalya-Alanya highway is coming

Antalya-Alanya highway is coming: Şenol Altıok, Regional Director of Highways, said that they plan to complete the 155-kilometer-long Antalya-Alanya Highway project work this year, Antalya-Afyon and Antalya-Denizli highway [more…]


The first task in Balo Project

First Task in the Prom Project: Transporters with Bandırma: Hakan Sukayar, the President of the Transporters and Transport Brokers Association, who continues its activities in the district of Bandırma in Balıkesir, [more…]


TCDD announces the purchase of traverse

TCDD made a statement regarding the purchase of traverses: In the statement made by the General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD), the traverse auctions of the institution were held as an open tender within the framework of the Public Procurement Legislation. [more…]

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