Ünal: High speed train will pass through Kahramanmaraş

Ünal: The high-speed train will pass through Kahramanmaraş. Akir Group Deputy Chairman and Kahramanmaraş Deputy Mahir Ünal said that the high-speed train will pass through Kahramanmaraş.
The reaction of the Kahramanmaraş people to the High Speed ​​Train project, which was recently announced by Prime Minister Erdoğan, gave a result.
The reaction of the citizens was expressed in the news titled "Haberturk forgot about Kahramanmaraş while he was giving the good news of high speed train".
Ak Party Group Deputy Chairman and Kahramanmaras deputy Mahir Unal said in a statement over the high-speed train from Kahramanmaras Center said.
The gospel is expected to be given by the Prime Minister once on Monday.




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