38 Kayseri

Erciyese ski resort owners in Ski Resort

Erciyese Full Not: One of the most important winter tourism centers in the world with the share of winter tourism in the world, the owners and senior managers of the ski resorts in Austria came to Kayseri to see Erciyes. Erciyes [more…]


Green airports are growing

The number of green airports is increasing: In recent days, the aviation sector has started to put its hands under the control of carbon emissions that threaten the world from the best. -The President of Istanbul Carbon Summit Organizing Committee Assoc. Dr. Etem Karakaya: y Fast-growing aviation in the world [more…]

06 Ankara

Description of the cable car from Ankara Beldiyesinden

Ankara Beldiyesdan ropeway description: The Yenimahalle explosion is not related to the cable car. The Metropolitan Municipality of Yenimahalle, transformer explosion occurred in Yenimahalle, said that the ropeway system has nothing to do with. In the statement made by the municipality, the ropeway system, which is still running the test, is working with the generator, [more…]


RayHaber 12.03.2014 Tender Bulletin

Loading of concrete sleepers on wagons of high speed road renewing machine Loading and unloading of concrete sleepers from wagons and stowage Garments and Accessory Materials will be purchased (For Ankara Metro Management Security Personnel) Similar Railway News and Interest [more…]

07 Antalya

Gospel of Cable Car to Alanya

Teleferik Gospel to Alanya: Sipahioğlu'nun promised to do before the 2009 elections to the Teleferik Project is started a few weeks before the election. Sipahioğlu, aş Damlataş 100. We are breaking down the old one-storey building in the year park and we are starting to work, and we are laying the foundation Yıl. 29 [more…]

27 Gaziantep

Akif Ekici from Gaziantepe cable car promise

Akif Ekici'dan Gaziantepe cable car promise: Local elections before the elections continue without interruption CHP Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor candidate Akif Ekici, 100. The year announced that they will implement the 11.5 kilometer ropeway project in Atatürk Culture Park. Planter, [more…]

35 Izmir

Kemalpaşa-Turgutlu railway opened

Gulab-Turgutlu railway was opened: Lightning yesterday, Turkey's mansion Tunnels Yeşildere in connection with the largest interchange Gulab-Turgutlu has opened the the railroad. On behalf of the Government before the general election of the Mayor of Izmir, Binali Yıldırım, [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. airport EIA report has interesting details

There are interesting details in the airport EIA report: 3. In the EIA report prepared for the airport, it was stated that the risks to be faced in the field of bird-plane collisions were determined within the scope of the project and a risk analysis would be prepared with the completion of bird counts. To remove birds from airports in the project [more…]