38 Kayseri

Erciyese ski resort owners in Ski Resort

Erciyese, one of the Ski Center Owners in Austria Full Note: Owners and senior managers of ski centers in Austria, the world's most important winter tourism center with a 25 percent share from winter tourism in the world, came to Kayseri to see Erciyes. Erciyes [more…]


Green airports are growing

The number of green airports is increasing: The aviation industry has begun to take responsibility for the carbon emissions that threaten the world from the very last days. -Istanbul Carbon Summit Organizing Committee Chair Assoc. Dr. Etem Karakaya: "Aviation growing rapidly in the world [more…]

01 Adana

Konya-Adana High Speed ​​Train Line

Konya-Adana High Speed ​​Line Comes Down to 3 Hours: The foundation of the Konya-Adana High Speed ​​Train Project is being laid today. TCDD General Directorate made a written statement on the subject. 1 hour 13 minutes travel time between Konya and Karaman with the introduction of the new line [more…]

06 Ankara

Description of the cable car from Ankara Beldiyesinden

Description of the cable car from Ankara Municipality: The explosion in Yenimahalle has nothing to do with the cable car. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality stated that the transformer explosion in Yenimahalle has nothing to do with the cable car system. In the statement made by the municipality, the ropeway system, which is still under test drives, works with a generator, [more…]

06 Ankara

Kizilay-Cayyolu metro will provide free service on 1 week

Red Crescent-Çayyolu metro 1 will provide free service for the week: The Red Crescent-Çayyolu metro line, laid the foundation for 12 years ago, will be put into service tomorrow with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Metro, between the Çayyolu-Necatibey station will provide free services for 1 week. Big city [more…]

07 Antalya

Gospel of Cable Car to Alanya

Teleferik Gospel to Alanya: Sipahioğlu'nun promised to do before the 2009 elections to the Teleferik Project is started a few weeks before the election. Sipahioğlu, aş Damlataş 100. We are breaking down the old one-storey building in the year park and we are starting to work, and we are laying the foundation Yıl. 29 [more…]

07 Antalya

Alanya Castle-Damlataş Teleferic Project

Alanya Castle-Damlataş Ropeway Project Comes to Life: The Ropeway Project, which Sipahioğlu promised to do before the 2009 elections, starts a few weeks before the elections. Sipahioğlu said, “We demolish the old single-storey building in Damlataş 100. Yıl Park and start working, and [more…]

27 Gaziantep

Gaziantepe cable car promise from Akif Ekici

Gaziantepe cable car promise from Akif Ekici: Continuing to work without interruption before the local elections, CHP Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor candidate Akif Ekici announced that they will implement the 100 kilometer cable car project in the 11.5th Year Atatürk Culture Park. Planter, [more…]

35 Izmir

Kemalpaşa-Turgutlu railway opened

Gulab-Turgutlu railway was opened: Lightning yesterday's mansion Tunnels Gulab-Turgutlu Turkey's largest interchange in Yeşildere the railway connection was opened. AK Party Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Binali Yıldırım on behalf of the government before the 2011 general elections [more…]

44 UK

British union leader Bob Crow lost his life

British union leader Bob Crow died: Bob Crow, the General Secretary of the Railroad, Maritime and Transport union DDK, died at the age of 52. In a statement on the union's website, Bob Crow, the General Secretary of the Railway Shipping and Transport union DDK, said Tuesday. [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. airport EIA report has interesting details

There are interesting details in the airport EIA report: 3. In the EIA report prepared for the airport, it was stated that the risks to be faced in the field of bird-plane collisions were determined within the scope of the project and a risk analysis would be prepared with the completion of bird counts. To remove birds from airports in the project [more…]


Towards End in Station Square Studies

Towards the End in Station Square Works: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Science Works teams are working on the 7 day 24 hours, without interruption, in order to finish the works in the Station Bridge area. The last point of the laying of the permanent tram lines. [more…]

7 Russia

Turkish ships will carry cargo over Danube River

Turkish ships will carry loads over the Danube River: new strategies are launched for logistics centers abroad. In Russia, it is planned to use the centers such as Tuapse and Kavkaz, while the Turkish ships are negotiating the passage of the Danube River. New superpowers of the world [more…]

35 Izmir

7 detained in Izmir port operation evacuated

7 people arrested during the Izmir port operation were evacuated: 15 of the 7 people arrested within the scope of the Izmir-based operation, including TCDD Ports Department Head Muhsin Yılmaz, were evacuated. Izmir 5th Criminal Court of Peace, the defendant's lawyers [more…]

35 Izmir

The first loading from Kemalpaşa OSB is from Ege Seramik

The first loading from Kemalpaşa OIZ is from Ege Seramik: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, opened the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone Railway Connection Line within the scope of İzmir contacts. Manisa / Turgutlu-İzmir / Kemalpaşa, which will connect the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone to the railway [more…]


A Section of the Closed Tram Road was Opened

A Part of the Closed Tramway Has Been Opened: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality announced that a section of the tramway, which was temporarily closed to traffic, was opened to traffic.In the statement, İsmet İnönü-1 of Fabrikalar Street due to the high-speed train pass and tram line work. [more…]