Ünal: High speed train will pass through Kahramanmaraş

Ünal: The high-speed train will pass through Kahramanmaraş. AK Party Group Deputy Chairman and Kahramanmaraş Deputy Mahir Ünal said that the high-speed train will pass through Kahramanmaraş. The reaction of the people of Kahramanmaraş to the High Speed ​​​​Train project announced by Prime Minister Erdogan in the past days [more…]


High-Speed ​​Train Project in Turkey

High Speed ​​​​Train Projects in Turkey: A serious acceleration in the field of transportation in the world in the last 20 kazanIn particular, we see that (YHT) High Speed ​​​​Train Projects have reached the level to compete with air transportation. Namely: [more…]

06 Ankara

Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro is Opening

Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro Opens: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made the first voyage on the metro line before the opening ceremony of the Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro Line. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the metro line before the opening ceremony of the Kızılay-Çayyolu Metro Line [more…]

High Speed ​​Train Lines Map
34 Istanbul

Mersine Uninterrupted Transportation from Istanbul

Uninterrupted transportation from Istanbul to Mersin: The basis of the High Speed ​​Train Project, which will reduce Konya to Adana between 3 hours, will be laid at Karaman Station today with the participation of Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. TCDD General [more…]

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Technology to be used in difficult conditions

Technology will also be used in difficult conditions: Physical conditions can disrupt the use of technology and work order for field workers in sectors such as rail, energy, retail, automotive, logistics and health. Japanese technology company Panasonic developed [more…]


TRT Museum Wagon in Elazig

TRT Museum Wagon in Elazig: “TRT Museum Wagon”, prepared for use in Turkey and abroad as “TRT Broadcasting and History Museum” within the framework of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the General Directorate of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, [more…]

m2 kizilay cayyolu metro line
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Kızılay Çayyolu Subway Line Opens Today

Kızılay Çayyolu metro line opens today: Kızılay-Çayyolu metro line in Ankara will be put into service today with a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After the Batıkent-Sincan metro line, which was opened last month, [more…]