34 Istanbul

Metro prices increased by 50

Prices appreciated by metro increased by 50 percent: Investments such as transportation to Istanbul and infrastructure accelerate the development of different parts of the city. Especially in the districts where the rail system projects are realized [more…]


Diyarbakır Governor's Warning

Disinfection Warning on Railways from Diyarbakır Governorship: Diyarbakır Governorship warned citizens on the Malatya-Yolçatı-Diyarbakır-Kurtalan and Yolçatı-Tatvan railway routes. In a statement made by the Governorship of Diyarbakır, Malatya-Yolçatı-Diyarbakır-Kurtalan and Yolçatı-Tatvan [more…]


Claim of Ray Theft in Kangal

Rail Theft Claim in Kangal: 2 people allegedly stealing TCDD rails in Kangal district of Sivas were detained. According to the information obtained, on the railway line near Yeşilkale village [more…]


Subcontracting workers working on highways

Subcontracted workers working on highways want staff: Fixed Yural from Road Workers "Subcontracted workers working on highways are waiting for the staff to be given them by applying the judicial decision" Fixed Yural from Road Workers, "Subcontractor working on highways [more…]