The holidaymakers on the road became the livelihood of the villagers

Holidaymakers on the road became a source of livelihood for the villagers: Holidaymakers on the road became a source of livelihood for the villagers The villagers living in the barracks they set up on the road to the Kartalkaya Ski Center provide a family budget to the vehicles of the holidaymakers on the road. Located about 40 kilometers from Bolu and Turkey's most important tourism centers of birds, one of Kartalkaya, the road to the ski resort of villagers due to the passage of the sedge village lies also a source of livelihood.

The villagers who help the holidaymakers who stay on the road by staying in the trailers of the barracks and tractors they make on the way to the ski center, also provide the family budgets with this fold. While the villagers are positioned at 15 different points to chain the cars of the holidaymakers who set off due to the snow, an interior carries out the process of attaching and removing the chains of an average of 10 vehicles a day. "The livelihood of the village is provided here for 3 months." Halil Pazarcı, one of the villagers waiting on the road to Kartalkaya, said to his reporter that they had chains in vehicles in this region for 24 hours. Explaining that many drivers now have their vehicles fitted with winter tires, Pazarcı said, “That's why we attach chains to about 15 vehicles a day.

We provide our livelihood from a 3-month profit. The conditions are difficult. We stay here 24 hours a day. There are 40 Interiors in this area that do this job like us. 50 percent of Kındıra village is doing this job in winter. "The livelihood of the village is provided for 3 months from here." "We get 20 lira per chain we attach" İsmail Göktaş, one of the villagers, stated that they are staying in their own barracks on the Kartalkaya road for 24 hours. We are here 24 hours a day. We stay in the huts we built with our own means. Depending on the condition of the road, we attach and remove 8 -10 vehicles a day. We get 20 lira per chain we wear. But this year snow fell very little. For this reason, our work has stopped a bit. We used to chain more vehicles beforehand and make our living comfortable. ” Seçicin Kavcaz, who came from Istanbul with his friends for the holidays, also stated that they came to Kartalkaya with their friends for skiing and stated that they could not go to Kartallcaya because of the snow, so they received road assistance from the villagers.

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