TCDD action in Malatya

Malatya TCDD action: TCDD Malatya 5. Some units in the Regional Directorate of Adana 6. An action was taken to connect to the Regional Directorate.
TCDD sector in the trade union, civil servant and worker associations supported the action took place in Malatya Gar. Nurettin Öndeş, the representative of Turk-Is City Branch and Malatya Branch of the Demiryol-Is Trade Union, said in his speech: İş One of the Logistics Centers is not established in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. 2013 in railways in 5. Our region has been the first region in transportation. So it has been the first, the champion. While such a successful region needs to be rewarded, Malatya 12, which concerns the province of 5 in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region. Regional Directorate of Service Departments in Adana 6. It was connected to the Regional Directorate and transformed into Malatya Loko Maintenance Workshop Directorate Warehouse Management. As a result, the closure of the 5 Regional Directorate came to the agenda. Optimization (Based on the Norm Staff works, Elazığ, Van and Diyarbakır were transformed into Warehouse Directorates Supply Warehouse Manager, which is the locomotive repairer. Prior to the completion of the post, Hekimhan, Adiyaman, Golbasi, Wagon Service Chiefship was effective in the optimization of the position between the regional directorates and the regional directorates of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD). The application initiated as a result of the initiatives has been stopped for now azalt.
In an accident in Batman, the 60 will intervene in the hour, however, saying, es Technically, if other regions say that they are better than us, they say they are more successful than us, we think that they will sit down. We are doing more than 100 percent of the transportation made by other regions. We have martyred our country for our business near the 50 for our bread. A region close to 50, 12 We are strongly opposed to TCDD's efforts and practice to the representatives and workers of workers working in the province. We acknowledge that those who did not see it betrayed the people and the people of this region by betrayal and betrayed the country, the nation, the East and Southeast Anatolia Region in their decisions. Bunu
As a result of the preliminary attempts and the AK Party Malatya Deputy Ömer Faruk Öz, Malatya 5. The Regional Directorate of Cer Service Office is located in Adana 6. It was decided to establish a logistics center in Malatya and it was decided to make a tender in the High Speed ​​Train Project of Sivas-Çetinkaya-Malatya during 2014.
AK Party Malatya MPs Ömer Faruk Öz, Mücahit Fındıklı and Cemali Akın said that they had held a meeting with deputies from the province's 16. We have not forwarded this problem to regional MPs. We have made requests and requests and suggestions. From the Kurtalan to Baghdad, we had the request and demand of our deputies from the region. We asked for the suburban train between Muş and Tatvan. We had a commuter train operating between Malatya and Elazığ, we demanded rails between Elazığ and Malatya. Between Diyarbakır and Batman, we demanded a railway and suburban train between Batman and Kurtalan. Diyarbak
Öndeş stated that the infrastructure is ready for TCDD to establish a logistics center in Malatya. Hazır Wagon Repair Factory is empty, infrastructure is ready but logistics center is not established in this region. Why do we want a logistics center? Today, the logistic center established in Kocaeli, the logistics center established in Balikesir 2 close to the staff, except for the estimate of the employee is working. We want to establish a logistics center for him. Onun

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