Accounting game claim lies in Antalya light rail system

The allegation of accounting game in Antalya light rail system lies: Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın said that the claim of accounting games on light rail revenues was a lie.
Mayor Mustafa Akaydın replied from the parliament to the claim that the AK Party Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Menderes Türel was harmed by accounting games in the light rail system. Mayor Akaydın, who asked Bülent Yıldırım, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the municipal company Transportation Inc., which owns the operation of the rail system, to inform the assembly, said, “There is no money transfer to us for the elections. "This is a lie."
Bülent Yıldırım told the parliament that his company deposited TL 2013 million 4 thousand in the Treasury debt repayment account for the loan obtained from the Treasury for the light rail system in 700. He noted that they deposited approximately 400 thousand TL in the Metropolitan Municipality's account, but that this money could not be used by the Metropolitan Municipality due to the measure that the municipality's creditors put in the revenues of Transportation Inc. Noting that they will make a payment of 2014 million 5 thousand TL to the Treasury debt repayment account in 500, Yıldırım said, “But the Metropolitan Municipality has to pay back 15 million TL with the loan it has received. He will have to finance about 10 million TL from his own resources ”.
After this information, Mayor Akaydın said, “As it is claimed, the tram does not earn a dire money, no big money is transferred to the municipality. The municipality does not earn money from the rail system, it does not use the money it earns in the election process ”.
Ak Parti Group SözcüSü Murtaza Tamyürek said that it was clearly understood from Yıldırım's statements that the light rail system had no financial damage to the Metropolitan Municipality. Tamyürek argued that the principal payment of the Treasury loan will not be reflected as a loss to the Metropolitan Municipality, with the right operating policies.
While the second session of the Metropolitan Council in February ended with the discussion of 8 agenda items, the AK Party Muratpaşa Mayor candidate and council member Cihan Bulut took the floor and asked for an explanation about the slogan 'We made 1080 kilometers of asphalt' used by Mayor Akaydın in his election campaign. President Akaydın said, “Look, 425 thousand tons of asphalt was built before us. 750 thousand tons were made in our period. The last 1080 kilometers by our head of science department. "Take a meter and measure it." While Cihan Bulut accused Akaydın's statement of being empty, President Akaydın replied, "I will not argue with you."
AK Parti sözcüPresident Akaydın said “Murtaza, the meeting is over”, and Tamyürek stated that he will celebrate the Valentine's Day on February 14, and President Akaydın said “Come on” and allowed Tamyürek to celebrate.
4 Metropolitan Council members from the Muratpaşa quota did not attend, along with Muratpaşa Mayor Süleyman Evcilmen, who was not nominated for the February ordinary council meeting of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality held on Monday. Recep Tokgöz and party at the first meeting sözcüDeniz Fırat Budak, Hasan Gürsel Karabayır and Erdem Armen took their place in the parliament in the second session. Karabayır answered "No" to the question about whether he will act together with Muratpaşa Mayor Evcilmen or not. Erdam Armen, who was also a candidate for Muratpaşa Mayor, stated that he was also exposed to disrespect and injustice during the process and said, “But the biggest injustice was done to Süleyman Evcilmen. We have to deliver this, ”he said. Erdem Armen said that no matter what happens, he will continue to do politics within the CHP. Party sözcüDeniz Fırat Budak, who is the Deputy Mayor of Sü and Muratpaşa, said, "Are you going to resign? "Where do I live and which party? sözcüIsn't it obvious that I did what I did? " he announced that he would not. Hüseyin Kazancı and Mustafa Karaman were the members who did not attend the Metropolitan Municipality Council, which convened twice after Süleyman Evcilmen was nominated.



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