Bandırma-izmir Expedition Train Left On Road

📩 29/11/2018 21:34

Bandırma-izmir expedition train left on the road due to overturned crane: Bandırma-Izmir expedition of the expedited train, due to the closure of the railway was allegedly stuck for about 5 hours.
According to the information obtained, the 17 September Express, which started to operate recently, departed from Bandırma to go to İzmir yesterday at 15.55. The train remained on the road in the town of Aksakal, on the 13th kilometer of the road, because the crane, which was knocked over the rails during the signaling work, could not be lifted. Despite all the efforts of the railway workers and the private company staff doing the transformer business, the overturned crane could not be lifted on the rails. Passengers had to wait about 5 hours. The passengers, who then moved to Aksakal Station by buses sent to the region, were sent to İzmir with the 6 Eylül Express located here.
After the work carried out, the overthrown crane was removed from the rails and there was no problem in TCDD flights.

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