We are strengthening the railway sector

We add power to the rail sector: about 70 years power rail sector, data, signal connectors, the device connectors and studies in Ethernet offering switcher solutions Harting` the Turkey leg speed continues unabated. Harting Turkey Country Sales Manager Tahir Yildirim, starting from the end of the project we assessed the problems in the railway sector.

Harting develops, manufactures and sells power and data applications or cable accessories for machines or networks as well as network components, device terminals and electrical and electronic connectors in factories. The products are used in industrial electronics and communications as well as in the fields of factory engineering and mechanical engineering, factory automation, power generation and distribution.

Could you tell us about the structure of the family-based company Harting and its place in the world?

Harting 2. 1945 is a very important organization which has been laid the foundations for the German industry in the north of Germany in the aftermath of the World War II and has become a global power in the fields it serves and has shaped its sector with its revolutionary designs. The Harting Family, which has made quality and customer satisfaction a philosophy, considers the company's decisions to protect our company as an independent family company. 2. and 3. Harting and 32 have become 5 units in Germany and 10 is a globally owned company with 8 R & D locations. We are the first company in the world to design and produce quadratic industrial connectors. The name Han is an abbreviated form of Harting Norm. The quadratic connector has many benefits from machine to energy, from transportation to automation to many industries. Harting Connectivity and Networks; As Connection Technologies and Networks company, we have three main fields of activity. Installation technology, our Han connector family and industrial connection products in the installation technologies segment, our active and passive industrial ethernet products in the Automation IT segment, switching and cabling products, industrial RFID solutions, third device connectivity, our device connection segment, our printed circuit connectors, DIN, Metric, We have D-Sub, BTB and input / output interface connectors, IP 67, IP 69 outdoor connection products.

When did Harting's structuring take place in our country?

Harting Turkey, as well as other 40 in the country depending on the origin of the German company in Turkey since Harting serves 2010 7 people. faturalandırıy our products because we are a local company in Turkey and we deliver delivery. Our head office sales organization, including North, West and Central-Eastern form is spread across Turkey. Both dealers and direct sales channels are available.

Do you offer solutions in many areas from machinery to energy, from transportation to automation? What's in your product groups?

Harting is a company that develops, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic connectors, device termination products, cable and box solutions for machine and automation, network, power and data applications. These products are used in mechatronics and installation engineering, factory automation, energy production and distribution, as well as industrial electronics, telecommunications, professional media broadcasting, railway and renewable energy sectors.

Our products are grouped under three main headings: the first of these is industrial connection solutions, which include standard power, data and signal connectors with maximum IP69K protection level. In this group, we have modular products that make Harting different and offer great added value to companies. With the Harting Han Modular series, a connection structure can be created, where power, data and signal can be carried in the same connector and the design can be shaped completely according to the needs of the customer. In our industrial connection solutions group we are present in our current sensors which directly address power electronics. Our second product group is PLC, industrial computer, passenger information systems, Ethernet switches, I / O units, connection and sensor boxes, connectors and cables that can be used in every conceivable device and sub-equipment such as PCBs. Our latest product range is smart network solutions under the title of industrial ethernet switch and related accessories with UHF RFID hardware and software solutions and the new smart smart grid management system used in the smart energy management system.

So, what kind of products do you have on the railway?

About 70 for the Harting railway industry, we have mentioned for years, about power, data, signal connectors, device connection connectors and ethernet switch solutions. We also provide test-design services to the railway sector with user-specific wiring and box solutions.

Our products are used both in areas such as signaling in railway infrastructure and on vehicle. We provide solutions to almost every part of a rail vehicle from drive deskt to vehicle and sub-connections. In more detail, we provide connection solutions to the engine, brake, traction converter, auxiliary power unit, brake and air conditioning units under the CER / feed group. We provide connection solutions for safety sensors (axle speed, temperature ..), train motion control and brake communication, rail bus communication such as MVB, WTB, ethernet, train control management and GSM-R communication systems under the control of train control and vital data communication. . We also have connection applications for CCTV, announcement and internet systems under the heading of passenger information and entertainment. Our RFID solutions, which are used in vehicle tracking and maintenance applications, are one of our applications which make Harting more privileged in the recent days.

What are the solutions you offer to the railway sector in what way?

As Harting, we have adopted the ı technology for man ğ approach to our customers and we serve with the vision of an investor company that keeps the focus. In line with the principles I mentioned, we provide savings in modularity, high security and long life by means of our connection solutions to railroad investor, vehicle manufacturer, operator, municipality and government organizations, as well as production, maintenance-service and operating processes.

What is the period of delivery of the requested products to your customers?

Our products are supplied with four, six-week delivery times. At the same time, we try to increase the availability of our products through our dealers.

Are you having problems with after sales service?

We see some cases that we have previously seen as a problem as an opportunity and a lesson in order to increase our service quality. Therefore, of course, as a living institution, we encounter these situations and we record these situations through our CRM software and we are going to solve them quickly.

What are the benefits of working with the railway sector?

The railway sector, especially with the 2023 vision, began to accelerate and attract attention. Therefore, being in a sector that attracts attention has positively contributed to our brand awareness.

Do you think companies that provide services to the knowledge of the railway sector in Turkey and do you think that's enough of the experience?

There is a portrait in the industry that appears to have reached saturation because of the lack of authorities to accelerate processes such as enzymes and enzymes; but I believe that this virtual situation will be eliminated with the establishment of the standards in the railway sector on a world scale and the transfer of this information to the relevant investors and producers.

The railway sector is particularly important in line with the 2023 targets. How do you evaluate this market?

We Harting Turkey as it is all over the world concerning the railway sector, we have the perspective in all channels and we are directing our region, including central Turkey. Therefore, we believe that our sector is open and has serious opportunities.

What is the biggest problem for you in your industry?

We think that there are deficiencies in the sector in terms of both investors and producers. However, we believe that these shortcomings can be solved by increasing the importance given to the developing technology and work safety.

What kind of solutions do you think about the standards?

Instead of seeing standards as a necessity, a marketing argument or unnecessary documents, it would be useful to see the focus as a road map that puts people at the center. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt and apply these standards in an information sharing method with iyle why, for what, how Dolayısıyla questions. At the same time, from production to sales, from business to maintenance in all processes step by step to prevent people from taking initiatives should be supervised.

What is the latest project for the railway sector in the last period? Could you give us some information?

Durmazlar We are supplying the connectors of two-way tramway and HRS vehicles.

Can you tell us about your future projects and future goals? Your 2015 expectations, what are your 2016 goals?

In the last period of 2015, we continue our parallel growth with our goals. We will continue our rapid growth in the coming period by transforming our components from component to sub-system provider with increasing railroad projects, solution provider business model and IRIS standards.

He was born in 1978 in Karaman. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Karaman. He graduated from Middle East Technical University in 2001 as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. Nearly 12 years in power electronics, machinery and automation, and providing services to the rail transport sector and is doing at the moment Harting served as Country Sales Manager in Turkey.

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