Batıkent - Sincan Metro Free for One Week

Batikent - Sincan Metro for one week Free: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Batıkent-Sincan spoke at the Metro opening: Hopefully shipped the Liberation War and who managed to Ankara will also manage successfully the new independence struggle in Turkey.
Batıkent-Sincan Metro Line was put into service after the opening ceremony attended by President Abdullah Gül, Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Cemil Çiçek, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.
President Abdullah Gül said that the Batıkent-Sincan metro line will provide free service for a week. “When I was opening again in Marmaray, I said this there. When such great services are provided, I said it could be free for a while for everyone to benefit from it. Now I am calling out to you, Mr. Prime Minister, the mayor. I guess you can think of something like that for Sincan. I think maybe you can think for a week. But of course, the decision will be yours again. Mr. Prime Minister, you said everyone should travel free of charge for a week. Congratulations, thank you. " said.
In his speech, Prime Minister Erdogan said, "Today we are living a historical day and a historical moment for Ankara." said. Here are the highlights from Prime Minister Erdogan's speech:
“135 countries and organizations support our Alliance of Civilizations project. Today, we are ending a great longing and longing in Ankara. When you persevere, you succeed when you believe. We will start the test drives of Keçiören Metro at the end of the year. After opening Çayyolu and Keçiören, Ankara's subway length will increase to 67 kilometers. Let's build permanent parking lots on metro stations. The citizen can park his vehicle and use the subway. We have never been a government that remained in Ankara. We always ran and worked. We persistently avoided missing the agenda of the country with virtual debates. You will not be able to get us into unnecessary arguments. The decision of a stay of execution came to our city hospital in Etlik, where we laid the foundation. It is not possible to understand them. We have a lot to do in this country. This country has been very neglected. They're trying to slow us down. who referred to the War of Independence and the administration in Ankara, Turkey will continue in the new National Struggle. "
The first flight of Batıkent-Sincan Metro was realized with the participation of President Abdullah Gül, Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Cemil Çiçek, Prime Minister Recep Erdoğan, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and many ministers.
The first departure point of the metro is Mesa station in Batıkent, which was first served by Parliament Speaker Cemil Çiçek, Deputy Prime Ministers Beşir Atalay, Emrullah İşler and Ali Babacan, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehdi Eker, Minister of Customs and Trade Hayati Yazıcı, Minister of Interior Efkan Ala, Forest and Forestry. Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu came. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy also landed at the station together with the ministers for a while in the wagon. sohbet He.
President Abdullah Gul, who welcomed him as the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, Ankara Büyükşenir Mayor Melih Gökçek landed at the station.
Later, Gül, Çiçek, Erdoğan, Rajoy, Elvan and Gökçek went to the driver section and got information from the vatman. President Gül, sitting in the seat of Vatman, started the first expedition by honking and waving his hand. Metro, carrying President Gül, Speaker of Parliament Çiçek, Prime Minister Erdoğan, Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy and many ministers, arrived in Wonderland where the ceremony will be held.
It was seen that "Welcome to Batıkent-Sincan Metro line" was written in Turkish and Spanish on the illuminated panels at the station.
Mr. President, Mr. Speaker of the Assembly, my dear friend, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Dear Ankara, I greet you all. Today we live together again for a historic day in ankara. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my dear friend Rajoy and his delegation on behalf of me and my nation and welcome my country to our capital city.
Especially in the project of civilizations alliance, together with the world peace we are the architect in the plant, our association with Spain continues to increase. We are currently supporting 135 countries, institutions and organizations around the world. This is very important in terms of showing how we are on the right path. Now we are together with Spain in such an important project.
Ankara metros and bring up to a certain stage, our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Melih Gökçek gentlemen to the ministry of shipping and communications to the ministry of transport and my dear friend, 11 Binali Yildirim beye we work together for years, now the candidate for the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir. I hope that 30 will produce the expected works of İzmir as Mayor of İzmir after March. And now, I express my gratitude to the architects, engineers and technicians who have contributed to Lütfi Elvan bey for all my brotherly brothers and sisters for my country and nation.
We are taking the service of Batıkent - Sincan lines from the subway lines which are progressing from three branches in Ankara today. The fact that this line was taken a month before 11 is the result of the effort of a faith. When you believe in the time you believe you will be successful. We have proved this. We call it good. And as the mayor of the city, the Red Crescent - Çayyolu line is taken into service in the month of 10. Yes, the Kecioren district in the next, yes, there is the Keçiören subway. his work continues. At the end of the year, we will start the test drive of the Keçiören subway and start the service at 2015.
Currently the length of the rail system in Ankara is 23,5. Today we are adding a new line of 15,5 kilometers. When we open Çayyolu and Keçiören, we will increase the length to 67,5. Of course we don't stop here. The work of the new projects began. A subway from Kizilay to Esenboga Airport. They mean something. We do not produce words, we produce. Hopefully, Ankara will also be a European capital in transportation and we will have become a model city in transportation.
In the first stage of our metropolitan Batıkent transfer will work. I hope that in a short period of time to eliminate the transfer will reach the Kızılay directly and this time will be reduced to 30 minutes or below. Look, I know from here that you know that the transportation from Xinjiang to the Red Crescent is a big issue. I'm going to ask something from the mayor here. Now on these subway lines, let's make car parks at the station points. And in this multi-storey car park, let our citizens come park their car there, then move on to the rail system and come on foot. Let's get this. We will take these steps in our other metropolitan cities. He's gonna have the chance to say that I'm gonna get there in as little minutes. I hope you will experience this happiness.
We held a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, opening the 20 junction and waypoint. Then again in Istanbul Mecidiyekoy - Mahmutbey line, Eyup Sultan made this ceremony. We laid the foundation of a giant subway line. On the same day, we have commissioned 201 Erguvan bus. Today we are opening this subway. No stopping call to keep going.
We are not a government that has been closed to Ankara. We've always been on the road. 11 avoided one thing in particular throughout the year and we avoided the agenda of the country by producing words of virtual debates. We have not lost a government in Ankara. We were not a government that closed to Ankara and closed itself to the other 80 province, which could not go out.
11 throughout the year, unnecessary controversy, how to stay away from tensions and service, we will give the struggle for tomorrow to produce services today. I'm calling out to those who want to take us into unnecessary discussions right now. You will not be able to stop us, you will not slow us, you will not prevent us, you will not stop us from service. Whatever you do, we will continue to do our duty.
We took every very interesting step, we took the foundation. Ankara also looked at Etlik city hospital to stop the execution. It's impossible to understand. Unfortunately we are prevented from continuing to deal with them. We're going to make a new legal arrangement, we'il do the hospital. One way or another, you will not keep us from serving our nation, whatever you do. All bulldozer trucks are on site. Pity is a sin. It's probably a bit of a boredom to take these steps.
We are committed to all that has been done. But on the one hand we will continue this path. This country was very neglected. They've cut the way for this country. They're trying to cut our speed, they can't. Hopefully shipped the Liberation War and who managed to Ankara, the new Turkey 's will also manage successfully the independence struggle. I hope that this metron which we have inaugurated will be beneficial to the people of Ankara.


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