Lights on the metrobüste

Lights on the metrobüs are gone: On a few of the Metrobuses, in the evening hours long lights went out. Metrobüste passengers on the phone with the lights tried to select the stop.
Metrobüs'de lights out at midnight.
Metrobus lines that are not successful in relieving the traffic in Istanbul maintain their occupancy rate during all hours of the day.
Business hours and midnight until the last metrobüste was cut lights for a long time yesterday evening.
The passengers who could not see the monitors that were in the dark and were able to see the monitors used the phone lights in order not to be surprised.
The fact that the screens in the Metrobus are working brought to mind such questions as "is going on a strange way of saving".
Recently, the incidents of theft and harassment have begun to increase.
The passenger descends from the metropolis is suddenly lost the bag in his hand.
In the last case, a youngster stole his pastry was.
The fact that a college student stolen a bag containing the 3-5 baguette shows a tragic situation.
The monitors on the metrobus, which are often put in place to assist passengers, give a system error.
And instead of stall names on the screen include error notifications.

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