06 Ankara

YHT bus connections start tomorrow

Bus services with YHT connection start tomorrow: The General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) reported that bus services with High Speed ​​Train (YHT) connection between Ankara - Konya - Antalya - Alanya will start tomorrow. To the written statement made by TCDD [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir gets to its ropeway

Izmir Cable Car Reaches: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Balçova in the new ropeway necessary for the destruction and cleaning after the construction and installation work began. The cabin will be in rainbow colors. İzmirin many years [more…]

07 Antalya

Piano recital at the Antalya nostalgia tram (Photo Gallery)

Piano recital on Antalya nostalgia tram: In order to draw attention to the 14th International Antalya Piano Festival organized by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality this year, a piano recital is offered on the nostalgia tram. 14th International Antalya Piano under the art direction of the famous pianist Fazıl Say [more…]

06 Ankara

2 hours short for Ankara-Antalya

2 hours are getting shorter with the fast train connection between Ankara and Antalya: Ankara-Konya-Antalya – High speed train + bus connection between Alanya and 8 starts from November 2013. 9 hours by road The duration of travel between Ankara and Antalya 6 hours 50 [more…]

34 Istanbul

Northern Marmara Highway Project is in progress (Video)

Northern Marmara Motorway Project works continue: 29rd Bosphorus Bridge Northern Marmara Motorway Project, the foundations of which were laid on May 2013, 3, continues. The bridge, whose construction started on the north side of the Bosphorus facing the Black Sea, is Garipçe village in Europe and Poyrazköy in Anatolia. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray Generali under insurance

Marmaray Generali is under insurance guarantee: CR3 Gebze, the main vein of Marmaray, which is the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing projectHalkalı The suburban lines were insured by Generali Sigorta as 50 coors. 150 years, Generali Insurance, which is active in Turkey "Construction [more…]

34 Istanbul

Have you seen the animation of Marmaray? (Video)

Have you seen the animation of Marmaray: This 2011 animation, prepared by Taisei Corporation, the company that made Marmaray, and directed by Makoto Shinkai, tells the Marmaray project through the eyes of an engineer girl. "I couldn't jump 1 meter 64 centimeters then, [more…]


Training on Lift and Ropeway in Erzurum

Training on Elevator and Cable Car in Erzurum: Erzurum Provincial Directorate of Science Industry and Technology gives training on "Elevator and Cable Car" to lift companies and ropeway technicians. Elevators and elevators attended by 20 elevator companies and 70 ropeway technical staff [more…]


Türkoğlu OSB Infrastructure and Road Works

Türkoğlu OSB Infrastructure and Road Works: Türkoğlu Mayor Mustafa Taşhan said that the road and infrastructure works in the Türkoğlu Organized Industrial Zone continued. Taşhan, AA correspondent, said recently, the foundation of infrastructure construction [more…]

06 Ankara

Gebze lost the last stop of YHT

Gebze lost the last stop of YHT Marmaray is in danger: While Izmit lobby was in vicious conflicts and dealing with Gebze, the Ministry of Transport shifted the last stop of YHT from Gebze to Pendik. Gebze-Halkalı Marmaray flights are also in the same way as Pendik-Halkalı Trying to be. More [more…]

994 Azerbaijan

BTK railway line is expected to be finished

Completion of the BTK railway line is eagerly awaited: Basics of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia with the participation of presidents thrown Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line project is scheduled for completion in June 2014. Kars Governor Eyüp Tepe told Anadolu Agency (AA) that under normal circumstances, [more…]

Intercity Railways

On Level Crossing Hit Train Station (Video)

Train Hit Truck at Level Crossing: 2 people died as a result of the passenger train crashing into a van at the level crossing in Tarsus district of Mersin. It is claimed that the accident was caused by the barrier not being closed due to a signaling error. In the village of Gerdan in Tarsus [more…]