16 Bursa

Dogaray Line Dog Alarm

Dogay on the line Dog Alarm: Bursa subway line entered the dog ruffled According to information obtained yesterday morning, a citizen looking for 155 from Bursaray Culture Park station, a dog wandered on the metro line was reported. Police at the station [more…]


When will the icon of the Bursa be opened?

When the cable car will be opened, the cable car will be opened for renewal and the daily transportation to Uludağ will be provided in 20 minutes and the bed capacity will be used in summer and winter. As the world's longest cable car system was built on Uludag in Turkey 8.6 [more…]

61 Trabzon

Akçatepeye Cable Car Project

Akçatepeye Ropeway Project I will do: Ahmet Güner, who noted that he was being nominated due to the intense desire and desire of the people, told that he was equipped and ready. Blew: Mr. Day is March 30 2014 history in Turkey, there Trabzon'umuzda in Akcaabat and local elections. People [more…]

06 Ankara

Weather in Ankara

The air-conditioned period starts in Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is putting air conditioners on Ankaray trains. 22 centimeter thin air conditioners will provide the heat balance in trains. Ankaray trains, which serve in separate stations in 11 between Dikimevi-AŞTİ, are equipped with air conditioners and the heat balance of underground travels [more…]