Upset about not participating in the world giant Hitachi Marmaray project

He is upset about not participating in the world giant Hitachi Marmaray project: Rennert, European CEO of the Japanese giant Japanese Hitachi in rail systems, said he was sorry about not taking part in Marmaray. ”We're late, we missed Marmaray, R Rennert said.
Hitachi Japanese investors coming to Turkey in the framework of the globalization strategy, now taken this decision because of having been left out of important projects sufferer.
The company's CEO Klaus Dieter Rennert Europe, "we're late decision to come to Turkey. We could not take part in many giant projects.
According to Sabah news; Japan-based group of 2.5 years ago after he decided to globalization, saying that Turkey is determined to be one of the target countries Rennert, "Therefore we could not get anywhere as good as the Marmaray project in a field. I am very jealous of Marmaray. a giant step for Turkey. I don't like to be late. I don't like not being involved, but this time it happened İş.
Hitachi is invested in the construction of nuclear power plants worldwide, emphasizing the Rennert, Turkey has said they followed the process closely in this area. Rennert stated that they were late for the power plant tenders in Sinop and Mersin and said: ifade We invested more than 1 billion euros for our investment in England. Do not miss our two investments in Turkey does not mean that we will take part in the next one. There will surely be Hitachi in the future. Bundan
Mars Logistics 51 percent after the purchase of an established facility in Tuzla, Turkey Hitachi's turnover 1 billion. Currently 200 thousand in the number of employees who stated that they plan to increase Rennert, "Turkey's government will be partner of the mega project," he said.

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