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The Praise of Marmaray in Finland

Marmaray praise in Finland: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with Finnish President Sauli Ninistö. Having official contacts in Helsinki, Erdoğan met with Ninistö at the Finnish Presidential Official Residence. Erdoğan said in English, “Hello, [more…]

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How did Marmaray 29 grow in October?

How did Marmaray 29 reach October? I received an e-mail yesterday from a student working in Marmaray. I liked the narration of our friend who is in charge of Yenikapı station of Marmaray. For those who are curious about how Marmaray was grown in 29 October [more…]


Rail Systems

Rail Road to Europe: training of the rail system in Germany, operation, maintenance and adaptation to Turkey on European Union examined the repair method (EU) Leonardo da Vinci (VETPRO) Project 10-25 November 2013 Between [more…]


Privatization of Derince Port

Privatization of Derince Port: At the Extraordinary Assembly Meeting of Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, it was decided to participate in the tender for the privatization of Derince Port belonging to TCDD by 36 for the year “Granting Operating Rights yıl. KOTO councilors, by chamber [more…]


Railway Safety Management Training

Railway Safety Management Training: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), Head of the Department of Education and Training in November Ozdemir, said that the speed increases in transportation security has become more important, "her to safety management, corporate [more…]

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The suggestion of Marmaray

What Marmaray thinks: Marmaray is one of the most unique projects in the world with its many features. 29 In October, the opening of our Republic in the 90 anniversary has a symbolic meaning. Turkey's emphasis on this opening, positioning itself as the place where [more…]

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Planned discrediting against the Marmaras

Planned disregardment against the Marmaras: City Management Specialist Dr. Bozlağan said that some certain circles tried to damage the image of metrobus when they were first opened and said açıl Now the same scenario is being implemented for Marmaray Boz. [more…]

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The railway pedestrian underpass in Ödemiş is over

The railway pedestrian underpass in Ödemiş is over: In the Ödemiş-Torbalı railway renovation works, the works were completed in the railway pedestrian underpass, which was started after the heavy demands of the people from Üç Eylül Neighborhood, which was divided into two by the barriers placed in the middle of the railway. [more…]

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Metrobus Defected Density Occurred

Metrobus Malfunction Density: Söğütlüçeşme -Zincirlikuyu a metrobus expedition, 08.00 ranks at the time of the arrival of Uzunçayır stop. Metrobus driver could not resolve the failure to notify the authorized unit. Long stop at the stop due to malfunction [more…]

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Garden: Marmaray is actually our project

Bahceli: Marmaray is actually our project: Devlet Bahceli claimed that Marmaray was actually their project. 29 The Bosphorus Tube Passage project was launched in October and Marmaray was inaugurated. To all who contribute and contribute [more…]

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Tüger Woods Density in Marmaray (Video)

Tiger Woods Density in Marmaray: When the Bosphorus Bridge was closed to traffic due to the historic hit of world-famous golfer Tiger Woods, the intensity occurred in Marmaray. Famous golfer Tiger Woods's Bosphorus Bridge due to Golf Golf Stroke from Asia to Europe ” [more…]