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Trans-Siberian Express with Baykal's mirror

In the mirror of Trans-Siberian Express and Baikal: The lake of shamans and legends, Baikal is a 600 kilometer-long nature monument in the Siberian region of Russia. Until the end of April the largest freshwater source of the earth among the high mountains [more…]

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Marmaray to clean Istanbul's air

Marmaray will clean Istanbul's air: Ministry of Environment and Urbanization said that Marmaray will not only ease Istanbul's traffic but also reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to Marmaray, 130 thousand tons of greenhouses per year in Istanbul [more…]

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The Masters of Marmaray

Masters of Marmaray: The mechanics of Marmaray, which has been serving the residents of Istanbul for almost two weeks, spoke to VATAN… Why was there trouble on the first day… What to do when the emergency brake is pulled… What if an earthquake or flood occurs? [more…]

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Tunel-i Bahriden Marmaraya

From Tunel-i Bahri to Marmara: It was 133 years ago. The way of a French fell to Istanbul. This person thought of connecting Karaköy and Beyoğlu with a tunnel. The first tunnel of the Middle East and rail transportation inside the tunnel [more…]

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In chaos

Chaos again in Marmaray: There was chaos in Marmaray, the cause of which is unknown today, which experienced many troubles right after its opening on October 29. Citizens who take Marmaray from Yenikapı take the route that normally takes 12 minutes. [more…]

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Marmaray Tension in City Council

Marmaray Tension in the Municipal Assembly: Zeytinburnu Municipal Assembly Member of the AK Party Engin Sen in his speech at the parliamentary meeting of the Republic of Marmaray 90'inci said that crowned, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the largest Republican [more…]


Atıl railway rose to Wednesday New Roads

Inactive railway is up Çarşamba New Roads Have Begun: After the removal of approximately 3 kilometers of the Samsun-Çeşamba Railway, which remained in the city and was idle, Çarşamba Municipality started road construction works. city ​​of the railway [more…]


Palandöken Logistics Village Project

Palandöken Logistics Village Project: MUSIAD Erzurum Branch Head Hüseyin Bekmez stated that the 2nd stage works of the Palandöken Logistics Village Project, which was built by TCDD in Erzurum, should be started. Member of the Board of Directors and Corporate Relations [more…]