Here is the heart of Marmaray

Here's the heart of Marmaray: Marmaray, which connects the two continents on the submarine, carried about 1 million passengers in the first three days. All voyages were managed from this room called 'the heart of Marmaray' and were followed step by step Bütün
The project of Marmaray was opened and 15 will be transported free of charge during the day. The flights between Kazlıçeşme and Ayrılıkçeşme start at 05: 50 in the morning and continue until 24: 00. Each 10 trains start every minute of the day, and the transportation takes about 15 minutes. During the day, 216 expeditions are made. Hundreds of thousands of people are transported and the submarine travel is provided by the deniz Main Control Center ı in Üsküdar.
5 specialist staff
The number of personnel in the Control Center is 5. Traffic, communication and electro mechanical coordinators are working. The traffic coordinator organizes train services. They are tracking trains in electronic environment. Communication coordinators follow the total 300 camera in the stations. He follows the glitches. They also organize announcements to passengers. The electro mechanical coordinator follows the system failures. Alarms, warnings come to this unit. Lighting, dirty air, fire, low voltage warnings are controlled by this unit.

Measures earthquake instantly
There is a seismic measuring device in the Marmaray tunnel. There are earthquake sensors in each of the immersed tunnels. The measurements of these devices are immediately routed to the computers in the main control center. Also Kandilli data flows into the center. When the vibrations rise above normal, the train is stopped by the computer first and then brought to the nearest station by the computer again.



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