2023 Targets in Railways

Journey to the future for innovative railways.
Turkey's current situation, and possible environmental interactions are pMJ strategic objectives by taking into consideration for xnumx.yüzyıl railways could meet the needs of the sector has been identified.
* 10.000 km make High Speed ​​Train line X

* 10.000 km High Speed ​​Train Line X

* Journeys to the future. Comfortable, comfortable, dynamic, pleasant, economical, charming and safe ece

* 4.000 km to make the new conventional demilry line X

* High-speed train in Turkey to produce ...

* Marmaray-Egeray-Başkentray-Gaziray 1.5 Billion-city passenger transport Marmar

* The annual 700 Million passenger transportation by completing the Marmaray Project Marmar

* Completing the EgeRay Project Ege

* Completing the CapitalRay Project Başkent

* High Speed ​​Train Stations do Gar

* Complete the restorations of all the historical gar buildings b

* To increase the share of private sector to Railway Management% 50 m

* Completing the signaling of signalless railway lines als

* Completing electrification of existing electrified railway lines ifik

* Renewing the existing lines to increase the share of railway sector Demiryolu

* Controlling all level crossings with control Tüm

* Developing the fleet of railway-pulling vehicles-

* 200 million Tons / year carry freight X

* Transport corridors will be developed Taşıma

* Providing direct connection to all industrial zones and major production centers (contingent lines) sanayi

* To improve the geometric conditions of the existing roads, increase the axle pressure on all lines to min.

* Logistics Centers Lojistik

* To increase the share of private sector in the production and maintenance of towing and towing vehicles Çek

* Completing the restructuring of the Turkish Railway yol

* Economy is born out of the sun N Izmir is making a difference! With the new port, we will bring the world to Izmir. Port Capacity of Izmir is 10 Floor in Passenger, 3 Floor is Increasing in Load güneş



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