Kabataş Bağcılar Tram Line to Trambus

native trambus
native trambus

Kabataş Bağcılar Tram line to the tramway: Kabataş- Due to the electricity failure in Bağcılar line, tram services cannot be made from 09.30:XNUMX. Citizens got off the tram to get to their workplace and headed for metrobus, minibus and taxis. A practical solution was produced for the victims and the buses belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were activated.

Kabataş-Bags line has stopped the tram service due to power cut. Due to electrical failure CevizliBetween the vineyard and the anchor, the expeditions could not be made. Passengers arriving in Bagcilar direction CevizliA bond, Kabataş Those coming from the direction landed in Çapa.

Citizens, to go to the workplace to get off the tram metrobus, dolmuş and turned to taxis.


Bağcılar - Kabataş At the Pazartekke stop of the tram line between the hours of 09.30 in the morning, the catheter wire providing energy to the tram was broken. Maintenance teams affiliated with Istanbul Transportation Inc. stopped the trips to fix the broken wire and the raking pole. Thereupon, both Bağcılar and Kabataş There was no tram route to.

Passengers on the tram descended from the vehicles to metrobus, dolmuş and turned to taxis. Tourists running to the tram stops were directed to other public transportation vehicles by security guards.

Depending on the prolongation of the study, expeditions at 10.00 hours Bağcılar CevizliAnchor with vineyard Kabataş opened between. Using the Topkapı and Pazartekke stops CevizliFor the citizens who want to reach the vineyard and Çapa stops, buses belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were activated.

Citizens wishing to use this route were transported by bus, using the tram line. Buses with a large number of citizens watching the tram stop and created interesting images.
Teams continue to work to resolve the fault.

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