3rd Airport Tender Winner Announced

about istanbul new airport
about istanbul new airport

The winner of the third airport tender has been announced. The Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group won the tender for the third airport to be built in Istanbul, with 3 billion 22 million euros.

IC İçtaş / Fraport OGG 25 billion euro plus VAT, Makyol Construction 20 billion euro plus VAT, Limak / Kolin / Cengiz / Ma-Pa / Kalyon OGG in the first offers of the tender held at Esenboğa Airport Social Facilities with a closed envelope. 4 billion 12 million euro plus VAT, TAV Airports Holding offered 682 billion euro plus VAT.

Before the auction started, Makyol Construction announced the withdrawal.

The auction began on 20 billion euros plus VAT.

TAV Airports Holding AŞ requested a time-out in the 31st round.

TAV Airports Holding Inc., which came to the tender hall after about 25 minutes, gave 21 billion 55 million euros plus VAT bid.

TAV Airports Holding AŞ, which wants to take a break in the 73rd round, announced its new offer as 10 billion 22 million euro plus VAT after 31 minutes.

TAV Airports Holding Inc. withdrew from the tender in the 78th round.

IC İçtaş-Fraport OGG, competing in the continuation of the auction, asked for a break in the 87th round.

Returning to the tender hall later, IC İçtaş-Fraport OGG announced that it was withdrawn from the tender on the 95th round of Limak / Cengiz / Kolin / Ma-Pa / Kalyon construction OGG on 22 billion 152 million euro plus VAT offer.

Thus, the highest bid in the tender 22 billion 152 million euros Plus VAT, Limak/Cengiz/Kolin/Ma-Pa/Kalyon İnşaat OGG has given.

4 will be completed in the stage

The tender will result in the approval of the DHMI General Directorate's Board of Directors and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım.

After the completion of the 18rd airport, the rental fee to be obtained with the 3 percent VAT to be added to the highest amount offered in the tender will be paid in equal installments from the first operating year.

It is estimated that the amount of iron and steel to be used in airport construction is about 350 thousand tons and aluminum material will approach 10 thousand tons.

415 thousand square meters of glass is expected to be used in the project, the 4 stage will be completed. When the facility is completed, it will be the world's largest airport in terms of passenger capacity.

Specification changed

Some changes were made to the specification in order to increase the participation and competition in the third airport tender. Accordingly, as a joint venture group (OGG), the condition that the OGG should be the most common 3 partner was changed and this limit was eliminated.

On the other hand, ortak OGG will have a partner with a work experience certificate; the share of this partner (pilot partner) will be at least 51 ”.

The officials stated that the demands of the firms for “providing Treasury guarantee and postponing the tender date” were not accepted. Noting that two of the firms that bought the specification were foreign, the officials noted that it is not known whether 15 domestic firms that received the specification will participate in the tender alone or with a foreign / domestic partner.

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