Train Stations have to be in the city center

Train Stations have to be in the city center
Yildiz Technical University, Department of Transportation. Dr. Zerrin Bayraktar, in the high-speed train system should be in the city center by pointing out that the station said:
“High speed train is a system that can compete with the plane at speeds of up to 800 kilometers. Its most important feature is that its stations are in the center of the city. What if the station is not in the center? People got off in Gebze and came to Istanbul by train, and they came to Istanbul from Sabiha Gökçenden. There will be no difference. In cities such as Cologne, Paris, the speed train goes down to 15-20 kilometers and goes into the city. ”
Bayraktar, while supporting the Marmaray Project itself, stating that Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations are not likely to be closed, said “The aim is to end the function of TCDD here”.
The aim is to provide rent from public land
Mithat Ercan, on the other hand, said that it was aimed to create a rent under the name of "urban transformation" from the public lands in the city center, citing the high-speed train and Marmaray Projects.
Mithat Ercan, Haydarpaşa Solidarity, 104 year gar as the symbol of Istanbul, which has become the symbol of the world cultural heritage Haydarpasa station and harbor with the 123 years serving as the station Sirkeci station, said they wanted to continue the industrial function of the following:
“Both historical stations are isolated and the public is asked to be convinced that they are dysfunctional. During the construction of the Marmaray Project, Istanbul will not have a railway connection with Europe and Anatolia for at least four years. After the project, it is planned not to bring conventional trains from Haydarpaşa Gara Anatolia, and Orient Express and Regional Express trains coming from Europe to Sirkeci. If this looting project, which contains serious threats to the public interest, is realized, our attempt and war will continue to warn the public that irreversible damages will occur in the natural environment, social structure, historical and physical texture of the city. ”
TCDD signed a protocol with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in 2 to prepare and evaluate urban transformation projects of a total area of ​​2007 million square meters, including Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa Station areas, which are owned by Istanbul, and to prepare a development plan accordingly.
However, in the 1/5000 Scale Fatih District Historical Peninsula Conservation Development Plan prepared by İBB, TCDD has decided to stop and cancel the execution for the part that is against “railway management”.
Haydarpaşa Solidarity stated that they support TCDD's lawsuit against Sirkeci station transformation project, and that TCDD should cancel Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station transformation projects.

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