İZBAN Halkapınar Station is experiencing a bridge crisis

Expanding the steel pedestrian bridge at IZBAN Halkapinar Station of the Metropolitan Municipality The temporary closure of the transition from IZBAN to the metro, the Food Bazaar and the bus stops led to the confluence.
Although the municipality provided additional bus services and a ring service, there was a crisis when passengers turned to the second bridge to ride the subway.
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has decided to increase the capacity of Halkpınar Station which provides harmony between İZBAN and metro. Two pedestrian bridges, which serve as a transfer between subway and suburban trains, were initiated to expand and transform stationary stairs into walkers. The first section of the steel bridge that provides pedestrian passage from the ticket hall to Çınarlı direction has been completed. Work on the second part of the bridge began the day before. A number of measures were taken since the station cannot be accessed from the transfer center called “Halkapınar 1 kalan, which is located in the direction of the Food Market. Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center - Halkapınar Metro bus number 12 was taken to Çınarlı (sea) transfer center called “Halkapınar 2 son. In addition, the number of voyages between 1 and Halkapınar 2 and Halkapınar 888 has been increased.
When the bridge was closed to work, the only bridge left in the direction of İZBAN to the subway direction created confluence. In addition, the confluence increased when people who wanted to go to the Food Market and Halkapınar 1 bus stops. Work will last for 1.5 months.

Source: Hürriyet Ege

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