TULOMSAS has produced locomotives for the world's giant

General Electric and Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. TULOMSAS produced by the strategic cooperation agreement, the customer-supplier powerhaul locomotive introductory meeting was held in Eskisehir.
In his speech at the meeting at TÜLOMSAŞ Facilities, TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı noted that it is very important to manufacture the most advanced and advanced technology locomotives of the world at TÜLOMSAŞ Facilities with the knowledge, expert workforce, capabilities and capabilities of TÜLOMSAŞ.
Stating that TÜLOMSAŞ will produce 20 locomotives for TCDD and General Electric for its customers, Avcı said:
”Their marketing and sales activities continue. The deal is very important because we did with General Electric. With the completion of the Rail Systems Test Center, we aim to make Eskisehir the rail systems industry center with the Rail Systems Cluster, universities and TÜBİTAK. We anticipate that after the enactment of the Railway Liberalization Law, there will be a huge increase in the locomotives of its owner. We are working to make the costs of these locomotives to be produced at TÜLOMSAŞ more advantageous than their competitors. ”
“This locomotive will be used with the privatization of railways”
General Electric Transportation President and CEO Lorenzo Simonelli reported that the powerhaul locomotive was the first of many locomotives to be produced in TÜSE with Eskişehir.
Powerhaul locomotive, the technical features of the highly developed and led the sector, explaining Simonelli, said:
”A leading locomotive up to fuel saving and take-off power. We offered this locomotive to our customers in Germany and take orders. We started production today and we will reproduce for years. It will be sold everywhere, from North Africa to the Middle East, Europe and Eastern Europe. With TÜLOMSAŞ, we will further develop our partnership in the service department. We will spread this to other locomotives. General electric
Transportation has more than 17 thousand locomotives in operation around the world. Now the powerhaul locomotive we built with TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir will be used all over the world. Here begins our journey, a journey that parallels go out with Turkey's 2023 vision. When we consider the law to privatize the railways in Turkey where the locomotives will be used. "
Eskisehir After the speeches Chamber of Industry Chairman War Özaydemir, Simonelli coffee cup, Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce President Aaron Karacan plaque, Turkey Railway Workers Union Eskisehir Branch Chairman Ayhan Karavil the clock was a gift.
Later, Simonelli, Avci, General Electric Transportation Europe, Middle East and North Africa General Manager Gokhan Bayhan, took pictures in front of the locomotive.

Source: Tülomsaş



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