Letter to the fire of Haydarpaşa station galatasaray

Letter to the fire of Haydarpaşa station galatasaray
Due to the fire dated January 22, 2013, the letter of haydarpaşa station to galatasaray university is:
I don't know if you have the right to read this letter. I heard you were burned. Get well soon.
I got your news about the ferries coming and going to the pier, the crows and seagulls put on my roof. they all speak of the disaster that has happened to you. no bird could believe that when a crow said that a person he spoke of as jelly had said to you that "I am not upset, come to life when you come to life", these words belong to a human brain.
Since 1871 and I have been in 1908, we have been trying to exist in the city. I do not know much about the disasters you have survived before. I had great damage from a big fire in 1917 and an explosion in a collision with a tanker and ship in 1979. I lost my best stained glass there. nevertheless, they wound up my wounds and lifted me up every time, thank you.
Until the last fire… you may have heard, my roof and upper floors burned in the fire that broke out two years three months ago. however, the fact that I am still not restored and left without a toothless grandmother makes me think that they have left me this time, that they have been overlooked.
The newspaper read by the man on the pier this morning had the title of “mobilization for Galatasaray”. how happy you are. campaigns have been organized, money has been collected, and works have been initiated for you to be repaired immediately. I hope you will be healthier than before. again, the students walk around you, you will be happy by talking to the teachers. I still can't think without thinking; Were they taken from switches that prevented electric fires before, much less than they would have spent to repair you? Anyway, I wrote this sentence to show the development from the German school, never mind.
If I prolonged it, do not be upset; of an old building that feels alone, hopeless, and abandoned gevezeGive it to your cup. again get well soon. May the beauty of the Bosphorus be your healing, the presence of well-meaning people and hope for the approaching spring.
sincere love and respect,



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