President Çakıra Sultan has been authorized for Malatya Trambus project

Malatya City Council, the Malatya Trambus project and the Strategic Plan for the implementation of projects and investments for the implementation of the loan and borrowing point Mayor Ahmet Çakır'a almost 'the authority of the Sultan' gave.
In addition to the implementation of the Malatya Trambus project on Wednesday, the Council of Europe approved the use of credit given to Ahmet Çakır for the realization of investments foreseen in the Municipal Strategic Plan prepared in 2010 and covering an annual 4 year.
Agenda 27. According to the proposal submitted to the parliament as a matter of matter, the Housing Development Administration (TOKI), other public institutions and organizations, Iller Bank, other banks in the country, in order to implement the projects in the Strategic Plan prepared by the Municipality of Malatya in 2010 and foreign banks, domestic, foreign and international financial institutions to use the loan or leasing method to get the tools, materials, real estate and immovable property, mortgage, letter of guarantee, bail is shown and the use of credit was given full authority.
Ahmet Çakır was given a loan authorization for the Malatya Trambus project. According to the proposal, which was put on the agenda as the 28th article in the Assembly, the issue of using and borrowing loans from the Iller Bank, domestic and foreign banks and international financial institutions for the supply of buses, construction equipment and other tools and equipment required by the project was discussed and accepted.

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