Technical Specifications of Light Rail System

Light Rail System is a favorite model of rail public transportation systems. It has become an important member of the transportation system family in the last forty years with its high capacity, silent vehicles, high driving quality and dedicated road. Light Rail System has been the fastest developing mode of transportation in many countries.

In Light Rail System;

The rail opening is usually 1435 mm.

The energy, 3. Retrieves the tracer or the kataner.

The energy it uses is 750 volts DC or 1500 volts AC.

It is managed by a driver.

It is controlled according to the signaling system.

In some light rail systems equipped with advanced technology, all control can be performed by the signaling system.

The 60-80 speed / hour is watched as an average. The distance between the two stations is usually the 62-600 meter.

Each wagon has an 300 passenger capacity.

Operated on special (dedicated) lines. The particular line is usually at ground level.

According to the physical condition of the ground; open-close tunnel, splitting, viaduct or short tunnels can be constructed.

The Light Rail System is physically guided by a road. In other words, the rail system follows a track. This means that in the rail system the driver controls the speed of the vehicle. The system is connected to the rail network.

It consists of rail technology, steel derivative rails and steel wheels. Each wheel touches the rails nok from single point Her.

The nature of the driving force consists of electrical energy.

Uses clean energy, is environmentally friendly.

In case of geographical structure, it can be seen through a tunnel. If the central section of any street is allocated, it can switch along the street.

It can be built on a high or low platform as it will be able to travel on level.

A bridged airline can be allocated.

A line in the form of an open road (open road) can be allocated.

Light Rail System is the most suitable system for the transition to the metro system technologically.

Source: ENER Thought and Strategy Association

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