Erzurum Transportation Master Plan

Population and goods mobility are only possible with a ancak road network ili appropriate for this mobility. Urbanization is closely related to the road network that allows transportation. For this reason, yapıl transportation planning arazi, in development plans (land use) malı should be done together with the city.

Our city is a olmak region city ine rather than a mediocre city. Because of being an administrative, economic and commercial center, the mobility of people and goods in the city is high.

With its historical monuments, natural beauties, health facilities, university campus, sports facilities and industrial establishments, the city is becoming an sağlık attraction center üs every day.

However, the city is becoming an attraction center and there are difficulties in transportation and it is estimated that these problems will grow even if necessary measures are not taken. Rural / village population is decreasing and a large population size is migrating to the city every year.

There is a need for serious planning in transportation and infrastructure investments. There is no chance for any planning activity that meets daily needs but is not long-term. For this reason, the Erzurum Transportation Master Plan with the year üzere target year üzere 2030 should be prepared.

Transportation Master Plan Principles

The principles of the Transportation Master Plan can be listed as follows:

The city's transportation system; It is planned to prioritize the transportation of people in the biçim most economical ”,“ fastest ”and hızlı most secure planlan manner, not the vehicles.

The transportation system is arranged on the basis of z transportation demands Ulaşım.

In line with the development of the city,-feeding lines müs are established in the north-south direction to support the rail system lines planned in the east-west direction.

Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan is the planning of “transport demands“ at the most reasonable level possible, based on the en transport infrastructure ”and“ land use pattern Ulaşım. Transportation Master Plan is a study which consists of daily long term forecasts based on daily real data planning of transportation system in general.

In our country, in the past 50, many plan activities have been carried out in order to plan urban transportation and transportation systems. These activities were carried out under the names of ”transportation study“, ”transportation plan ana,“ transportation master plan “or” transportation master plan m.

The "transportation study" studies prepared for transportation investments in big cities since the 1960s continued with names such as the "transportation master plan", "transportation master plan" and "transportation master plan", in which the transportation dimensions of land use plans were also examined after the 1980s. . Some of the plans prepared under different names are recorded as footnotes.

The Transportation Master Plan is prepared by taking the following steps into account:

Analysis of Existing Transport System and Transportation Study, Determination of Target Year Land Use Decisions and Determination of Land Use, Current Situation and Expectations, Survey Study Traffic Analysis Regions and Passenger Demand Forecasting, Master Plan and Master Plan Compliance, Transportation Model Formation

Source: ENER Thought and Strategy Association



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