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Inaugurated by Prime Minister Erdogan on August 17, "Kadıköy - In Kartal Metro, passengers are happy to travel. From Kartal in just 32 minutes without being stuck in traffic KadıköyThe people of the Anatolian Side are waiting for the metro to reach Kaynarca. The Press and Public Relations Directorate of Istanbul Transportation Corporation received the views of the metro passengers.
Here is the eye of the passenger Kadıköy - Kartal Metro,
Tevfik Eraslan (BANKER)
I am very happy to have such an opportunity with my children. I was driving because other public transport was not very suitable for family use. When I was driving, the time that I spent to find a car park was longer than the time I had reached by metro.
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Great ease of transportation for human beings. The E-5 is a great service when you consider the ordeal on the bus-way. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
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Great weather in hot weather is a cool ride on the highway so no traffic on the subway.
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Looking at the clock, I came here from Kartal in half an hour. I took the subway in the foreign states, they did better. Turkey passed them did not expect this much. Flying Turkey.
We arrived quite short half an hour. He normally had a watch. We are very happy with the ventilation. Cool minibuses from the cool minibuses did not buy a pram. We're very comfortable now.
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When we came and went by minibuses, the traffic was very heavy. We landed here from Göztepe in seven minutes. May Allah be pleased with those who make a huge expense.
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They approve of Atatürk's opinion here. When Atatürk passed away, the railways stopped. God bless Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey 's iron in knit network that we are witnessing. I'm going to Turkey 75 years that such a state, the government has seen the nation.
Audible warning systems are very advanced. I used to use my own private vehicle in advance and I prefer the metro.
Hasan Cömert
We tormented for years. There is no more panic troubles where I land faster, I don't have to go clean. Don't expect to do the massage on the metro, the metro is adrenaline and speed for us.
Remzi Kaya
It has not been made during the history of the Republic. Now that power is done, it is beautiful and successful. This is the biggest investment in the history of the metro republic, get better for the whole nation.
Levent Tayla (PRESS)
I have an emergency appointment, but I think I can make an appointment with the metro. I have my own car, but I use the subway to catch up
I'm going half an hour in an hour and a half. The screens have a new insert design and a very stylish design.

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