34 Istanbul

Metrobus travelers pay attention!

The new pricing system in Metrobus, which started on September 1, causes most of the citizens to pay more. Passengers getting off the metrobus need to get their money back from the money-return machines. Increases in public transportation in Istanbul [more…]


Train Comes Nice But Never Empty

The impact of the railways to contribute to Turkey's modernization process and who can deny. Writer-poet Mehmet Aycı, in his essay, Şimendifer, describes the culture of railways. Railroad with a new book after Serkisof Dude Olur [more…]

34 Istanbul

Horror Empire

Kadıköy-Kartal metro was opened, with the participation of Mr. Recep. Living in Üsküdar KadıköyAs someone who likes to go to Turkey, I have to admit that even though the investments in the metro are far from satisfying me right now, [more…]

52 Army

Is the cable car really close?

The Council of State overturned the decision of the Ordu Regional Administrative Court on the cable car service carrying 1 million people to date. The decision made no impact in the Army. Army Mayor Seyit Torun, the decision of the Council of State biased [more…]