06 Ankara

Ankara Metrobüs route

According to the statement from the Ego officials, the route of 35 metrobuses is as follows: Metrobusses are connected to the 5th Regional Directorate; 507 Pleven-Ministry, 510 Sincan-Sıhhiye, 511 Sincan-Ministry, 525 Pleven-Sıhhiye, [more…]


Another monopoly ends

It has been the top priority of the governments in the last 30 years. Although privatization has been taking place for so long, the number of areas where the state is monopolized is quite a lot. One of the biggest among them [more…]


Iron networks still in record

While an average of 1923 km of railway was built between 1950-134, an average of 250 km of railway was constructed every year during the Atatürk period. When it comes to TCDD, the iron in the 10th Anniversary [more…]

tramway work started officially

Light Rail System to Erzurum

Light Rail System to Erzurum: The light rail system project prepared by an American company was presented to Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Küçükler yesterday. Minors who like the project, source [more…]