The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project was signed with a ceremony.

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project was signed with a ceremony. Project Kars-Ahilkelek (Georgia) railway to be built in a new 98-kilometer, while in Georgia through the modernization of the existing 160-kilometer railway is expected to be directly linked to the Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan railway network. BTK Railway Project is planned to be implemented in 2014.
Zia Altunyaldız, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade and the Deputy Minister of Finance of Azerbaijan Ebanoidze attended the ceremony held at the Ministry of Customs and Trade.
Altunyaldız made a statement about the subject before the ceremony and said: olgun With the valuable delegation of the customs administration of Georgia, which is one of the important neighboring countries of our country, we have been holding our negotiations on how to make customs services faster and more effectively between our countries and we have reached an important reconciliation text. we put the signature, imza he said.
Altunyaldız said, “Thanks to these meetings, we aim to prevent projects and problems in the customs area between our countries from being lost in the traffic of correspondence.
Today, we have come together on the occasion of the Georgia - Turkey Customs Administration Presidents Meeting. Besides being a neighbor with whom we cooperate very closely in the field of customs, Georgia is a corridor opening to the Caucasus and Central Asia and an important project partner for our country. Our relations with Georgia, Georgia's independence kazanIt has been continuing smoothly and constructively since 1991, when it was founded, by developing more and more each day. Our relations with Georgia, with which we are carrying out projects of great importance for our country, such as the Baku - Tbilisi - Ceyhan Petroleum Pipeline, the Nabucco Project and the Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Railway Project, continue to develop and continue in the field of customs as in all areas. It is also the biggest wish of the administration,” he said.
Referring to the trade volume between the two countries, Altunyakdız said, “When we look at our foreign trade volume with Georgia, we see a graphic that has continuously increased over the years. Our foreign trade volume of 15 million dollars (1996 exports, 143 imports) with Georgia 110,3 years ago, in 32,5, reached about 2011 billion dollars (1,41 billion dollars export, 1,1 million dollars import) by the end of 314.
we see that the output is about 10. When we look at the first seven months of this year (January-July), we see that our exports increased by 24 to $ 1 million and 698 decreased by 39 to US $ X million. In other words, our foreign trade with Georgia in the first seven months amounted to a surplus of 119 million and this foreign trade surplus was an increase of% 580 compared to last year.
When we look at the freight and passenger traffic between the two countries, the total number of 2011 in 896.674 was realized as 2011 in 3.701.048 and 8 was the total number of 3.420.000. In the current year, a significant increase was observed in the passenger traffic with the passing of the identity card, and the number of passes has been realized as XNUMX only from the Sarp Border Gate as of the first XNUMX month. İçinde
Altunyakdız said, hale Our common goal as the customs administration of both countries is to support the developing relations and positive atmosphere between the two countries, to institutionalize them by making them permanent and to develop them further.
Giving information about the agreement reached, Altunyaldız continued as follows: “Today, it is an important project for the Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Railway Project, which is a very important project both for the two countries and for the connection of the Caucasus and Central Asia via Europe. We reached an agreement to speed up the project by contributing.
In order to finish the construction of the railway tunnel, which is one of the important steps of the project and which will take place in the border of the two countries, we have signed an Agreement that will help the customs administration of the two countries to fulfill the responsibility on the part of the customs administration.
With the agreement we signed who have undertaken the construction Located railway tunnel in the two countries border and the construction of the tunnel to Turkish firms Turkey as well as two-way as necessary items for execution by Georgia, vehicles, and the equipment and personnel of the border simplified procedure will be easily ensured the goals.
In this context, we will go to a practice that has not many examples in our country, and we will open a temporary border gate and assign personnel to carry out works only for this construction in the border stone area no.162 where the construction is made.
Altunyaldız, We currently have 2 active land border gates, with Georgia and Sarp and Türkgözü.
The Georgian gate with the highest number of passengers is Sarc border crossing with 96.
The Georgian gate with the highest load transportation is the Sarp border gate with% 94.
Our Steep Land Border Gate is also a door where pedestrians are allowed to cross border. Another important feature of this door was the protocol signed last year and it was made possible for the citizens of the two countries to use their passports instead of passports in their travels up to 90 days. Bu
Altunyaldız, usunda Georgia and Artvin Borcka district of Artvin, Muratlı to open a new door in an additional study we have agreed to make a joint work. With this new door we aim to open, we aim to eliminate the grievances of our citizens living in the district of Camili due to the roads closed in heavy winter conditions, to direct some of the passenger traffic in our Sarp door and to contribute to the tourism potential of the region.
Altunyaldız discusses the concept of ları common use of the Black Border Gates erek. Önlen This project will prevent duplication of operations on both sides of the border. Thus, the two declarations and two inspections made on the two sides of the border will be accelerated by a single declaration and a single inspection, as well as doubling the transactions. Bö
Expressing that the works initiated for the implementation of the Caravanserai Project continue, Altunyaldız is another project that we have carried out with the participation of Georgia, and the Caravanserai Project to facilitate border crossings within the framework of the Silkroad Countries Customs Administration Initiative.
With this project, the Silk Road countries to harmonize their practices in migration routes and borders on the biggest time loss experienced by the traders to accelerate border crossing from Turkey are planning to create a green corridor almost to China.
Authorized Economic Operator, as an Authorized Operator under our legislation kazanIt's a new concept that we're exploring. In principle, it is a modern application that allows companies that have proven their reliability to perform customs procedures much faster with wider authorities.
One of the important aspects of the AEO is that this system, which is internationally valid, gives countries the same AEO privilege on the basis of reciprocity and thus creates a logistics chain consisting of safe companies. A
Altunyaldız finished his speech by wishing that the agreement reached will be beneficial for both countries.
Georgia's Deputy Minister of Finance Ebanoidze said, id This agreement will facilitate our trade. It will facilitate access to both countries. Better things will be done through this deal. The project will be implemented soon, Proje he said.
The joint project agreement was signed by mutual agreement and entered into force.

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