Ask the Man 10. Year Anthem

We have come to these days as a generation that has raised our teachers and elders in our eyes, does not fail in respect and love and adopts them as idols. We've glorified them so and we've often seen them as inaccessible, often elt [more…]


Bomb attack on Erzincan Kemah train

In the explosion that occurred during the passage of a freight train in Erzincan Kemah district, it was reported that some wagons derailed while there was no loss of life. According to the information obtained, the explosive, which was laid on rails in Acemoğlu locality, 35 kilometers of the Erzincan-Kemah railway, at about 21.40, in Divriği-Erzincan [more…]

35 Izmir

İzban will make five new stations to Torbalı route

Efforts are underway to extend the Aliağa-Menderes Suburban System (İZBAN), which was built in partnership with TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, to Torbalı district. According to the protocol signed with TCDD, five stations and seven highways on an additional line of approximately 30 kilometers [more…]


TÜVASAŞ Entering Workers Certainly

Turkey Wagon Industry Joint Stock Company will be in the squad of 60 staff workers was evident. Here is the list of those who are eligible for employment. Click Pictures to see the list. Similar News: Wage Unrest Continues Among Subcontracted Workers At TÜVASAŞMinistry of Transport Assistant Inspector Exam [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray Connects Not Only Istanbul, but also China and England

Marmaray, not only Istanbul, Asia and Europe will connect the Minister Yıldırım, "the world's eye here," he said. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that the Marmaray project is very important in terms of international transportation integration. Minister Yıldırım, Marmaray [more…]

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