Iranian Girl Struck by a Railway Repair Tool

In KAYSERİ, a railway repair vehicle crashed into Farnoosh Khodayar, a 22-year-old Iranian asylum seeker who was allegedly walking on the side of the rails. The young girl, who was seriously injured, was treated at the hospital. Eyewitnesses of the incident [more…]


HGS Opened for Service

HGS 17 was put into service on September 2012. 1 As of February2013, KGS payment systems have been abolished in Toll Collection Stations and only OGS and HGS are charged. Highways Cash KGS cards [more…]


Jobs: TCDD 4. Regional Directorate of Trainers

TCDDSİVAS 4th BLG. DIRECTORATE 415th ROAD MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Department Application Deadline : 26 September 2012 Published Date : 17 September 2012General Conditions and Notes WHILE OUR REQUEST FOR TRAIN DESIGN WORKMANSHIP IS ANNOUNCED IN THE GENERAL CONDITIONS AND NOTES DEPARTMENT will make [more…]