Nostalgic Tramway to Karaman

Karaman Mayor Kamil Uğurlu, nostalgic tram between the two squares in the city to come to an end, said: teki The trolley's wagons will be taken from the Netherlands. Rails will be made in Karabük with our own facilities and we will model Antalya as an example. Yap Modern to Karaman [more…]


SAFKAR increases speed in rail systems

In our country, railways and railway techniques required for the development of the transport sector, participating in social and educational activities and manage, but also in Turkey and rail abroad RAYDEN who studies systems (International Railway Industry Association); Governance [more…]


HGS Opened for Service

HGS 17 was put into service on September 2012. 1 As of February2013, KGS payment systems have been abolished in Fees Collection Stations, only OGS and HGS fees are charged. Balances on KGS cards on highways Cash on subscribing to HGS [more…]

06 Ankara

Fast train to download Ankara to 2.5

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman explained: aman Maybe next year Antalya can be taken to the program. Konya-Antalya is the 1 hour. Ankara-Antalya 2.5 watches yol Do we have enough staff trained in railways? Railways have actually stayed way back as well in Turkey, as well [more…]