Metroray Catenary System Tools

While designing our vehicles, a vehicle that can perform all functions on the Rail System was considered. For this, MERCEDES ATEGO 1518 trucks, one of the best in the truck industry, have been selected. An 8-ton crane is mounted at the back of our vehicles and our crane is capable of lifting 12 tons of cargo at 2 meters horizontally. On the front of our vehicles, there is a 7,5 × 2 meter scissor lift platform that can reach 3 meters on the railway and on the highway. In addition, the platform of our vehicles can reach up to 3 meters from the center of the vehicle thanks to the hydraulic extensions that open to the side. The most important feature of our vehicles is the hydraulic rail guide mounted under it. Thanks to these guides, vehicles can easily continue on the rail, if desired. In addition to these vehicles, there are 100 catenary maintenance cars used in railways that can go back and forth with 2 km / h.


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