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About Istanbul Tram and Istanbul Tram History

Since the beginning of the 20 century, there has been a demand for travel between housing and workplace with the industrialization of the cities and the population increases due to this, and solutions related to technological developments have been put into practice in order to eliminate this demand. Initially [more…]


New arrangement for Metrobus station

İBB gave the following information about the latest works on the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line: “Reconstruction work of Avcılar Station is in progress nowadays. Avcılar metrobus station, first and last stop in front of Istanbul University [more…]


Take both TIGEM and TÜVASAŞ!

I believe that politics is a method of profit that is insincere and only strives for its own gain. Power is something like this; Where is the opposition? Our job is Sakarya! We know that the opposition in Sakarya is also concrete and [more…]