Record source for TCDD at 2012!

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman emphasized that the government considers the railway as a priority sector since 2003. As of 2012, Karaman stated that the importance given to the railway by transferring approximately 20 billion TL to the railway has been shown. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Ankara Express from Sirkeci

Is it ridiculous to remove Ankara Express from SİRKECİ? Why do most of the buses from Istanbul to Anatolia depart from the Bayrampasa bus station on the European side? That's why they have to cross the bridge. However, if Harem bus station was extended to Haydarpaşa, [more…]


Rail System Operator

The rail system operator is the person who ensures the use of the traffic operation system and the operation of the rail system traffic in accordance with the technical infrastructure of the rail system during the transportation works and operations carried out with the rail systems. Tasks To do business organization. [more…]

06 Ankara

When will this subway construction end?

ANKARA The construction of the Ankara Metro, which was left by the Metropolitan Municipality for a long time and left to decay, which was later handed over to the Ministry of Transportation and which led to the death of the worker Kadir Sevim, was moved to the agenda of the Assembly. Istanbul Deputy Levent [more…]


There's such a thing as train romance

Boran compiled Diagnostics 'Train One is Life', from Turkey's railway policy, establishing a network of railway lines leading to romance. the history of railroading in Turkey ... Update: 16: 06 13 TSI July. 2012 Friday TRAIN IS A LIFE, says. Tanıl Bora, Communication Publications, 328 [more…]


Rail System Machinist

The rail system mechanic is the qualified person who maintains, inspects, diagnoses and prepares the service of the rail system vehicles. Tasks to do drawing technical drawing. Basic electrical electronics and hand operations to do. Computer assisted drawing [more…]


Rail System Builder

The rail system is the qualified person who makes maintenance, repair and control of the road and its outbuildings (equipment and equipment) by gaining the qualifications of road maintenance and repairer and ensures that the road is open to traffic. Basic technical drawing [more…]