10 Balikesir

Mukhtar of Bandırma Sunullah Mahallesi

Headman of Bandırma Sunullah District Şener Arabacı; Arasında Fast train to Bandırma-Izmir between Sunullah Mah. Dere Sok. The landslides and vaults in the region will create danger. ında Şener Arabacılar indicated that there is not enough security in the upper and level crossings. [more…]


Revolution or TCDD's transfer?

We finally learned the thoughts of Transport Officer Sen about the liberalization of TCDD (specialization for me). Turkey in the last year said it was the most important work of Transport and relevant laws with the liberalization of the railways TCDD stated that privatization is not a revolution [more…]


TCDD made domestic signaling

State Railways, BİLGEM TÜBİTAK and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has put its signature by throwing signaling system in cooperation with Turkey's first domestic application. Completely made by Turkish engineers and completed in a short time such as 24 months [more…]

34 Istanbul

Slim of Chp, asked about Metrobus purchases

Muharrem Ince, the CHP group vice president, asked the Ministry of Interior to investigate whether the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has initiated any investigation on the purchase of BRT. Thin, Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin, the Parliamentary Presidency of the question submitted to the Presidency request, Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]