55 workers will be recruited to TÜVASAŞ

It was decided to recruit 55 new personnel to TÜVASAŞ, which is on the agenda to move to Ferizli. Personnel to be recruited through İş-Kur are required to get 60 base points from KPSS and reside in Sakarya. Electrical, electronic, plumbing, [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Metrobus remains empty

It is useful for those who complain about the crowd of Metrobus in Istanbul to watch this video… The Metrobus project, which spoke to the application as a solution to the traffic in Istanbul, was very popular with the citizens. But this time, too, the extreme passenger. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Removing the Metrobus Overpass in Hunters

As part of the Metrobus line works, the overpass connecting to the metrobus last stop in Avcılar is being removed. An underpass will be built in place of the removed overpass and this area will be used as an additional lane to the road. kazanwill be raised. Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]


Tramway Road Will Be Reorganized In Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has opened a tender for the fixation of the level crossings of the rail system line that attracts the burden of public transportation to the concrete and covering it with rubber material. In an official advertisement for a newspaper, [more…]


Konya tramway air conditioners will be installed in late summer

On the one hand, while talking about the renewal of trams, on the other hand, the existing trams are being improved. The issue of installing air conditioning on trams came up, but air conditioners were not installed. It was learned that the installation of air conditioners will find the end of summer AIR CONDITIONERS AT THE END OF AUGUST [more…]

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Konya and YHT

We thought that he would not go to Konya without informing Mustafa Deresal, and we would ask him for help. Mr. Deresal was interested in his usual kindness and friendliness, [more…]