Metrobus coming to Antalya?

Metrobus is coming to Antalya? Akaydın: There is no emergency in transportation. At the meeting where the future of public transportation in Antalya is discussed, the metrobus option came to the fore. President Akaydın said that there is no emergency that requires expensive solutions for the moment.
Within the scope of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Master Plan studies, 'Sustainable Transportation Approaches and Applications Workshop' was organized with the Sustainable Transportation Association (EMBARQ), which conducts transportation studies in different countries of the world. Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın, Secretary General Mehmet Aktekin, Director of EMBARQ, at the meeting in the Municipality Culture Hall. Dairo Hidalgo, city council members, Transportation Department President Emin Pehlivan, Transportation Master Plan Consultant Erhan Öncü, Antalya Coaches Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans Mehmet İnce, transportation shopkeepers and guests attended.
Mustafa Akaydın, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who made the opening speech of the meeting, stated that the Transportation Master Plan was completed as a result of long efforts, “This is the constitution of Antalya until 2030. In Turkey usually shelved after such reports are prepared. Nobody will be surprised at what you know. What we should do for the future of Antalya in order not to be like this, today we want to make a presentation in the form of a workshop and discuss it.
Expressing that he and his attendees have some questions about the Transportation Master Plan, President Akaydın said, “I wonder what is true in the future of Antalya; to design the metro as soon as possible or to give priority to systems such as metrobus? If you have plenty of money, if there is a traffic jam in the city, go underground and take the metro. But this is a serious cost. We know that no municipality has done this. We can project the subway, but we do not know if we can implement it. Is it right or wrong to make bridge crossings in the city? I want to learn their answers from the experts here, ”he said.
EMBARQ Director Dr. at the meeting, where the Transport Master Plan prepared for Antalya is explained and sustainable transportation examples in the world are given. Dairo Hidalgo made a presentation about what can be done for mass transportation in Antalya. Dr. Dairo Hidalgo said that since the 1990s, metrobus is preferred because it is cheaper and faster than metro and railways to solve problems in public transportation in many countries of the world, especially America.
Expressing that the Metrobus system was implemented in only 1990 cities in the world in the 16s, today it was implemented in 163 cities. Dairo Hidalgo said, “If Antalya implements the metrobus, it will be the 164th city. It can be realized here in a very short term, with a reasonable amount of investment, and the mobility of people can be facilitated.
While analyzing the problems related to transportation, he said that it is not right to go blindly with an option. Hidalgo explained that sunk-output junctions in Antalya cannot be a solution to traffic. Emphasizing that pedestrian and bicycle use should be encouraged to solve the problem in Antalya. “My suggestion might be this; he said that you can handle this with fewer roads and more public transport, pedestrianization and bicycle routes.
Making a statement at the end of the meeting, Mayor Akaydın stated that he wants to work on the Transportation Master Plan a little more and produce the fastest and most economical solution for Antalya. Emphasizing that there is no urgent situation requiring expensive solutions in public transportation in Antalya at the moment, President Akaydın said, “We can also provide smart and fast transportation by buses right now. But it seems that more complicated systems will be required from 2030 onwards. But 2016 can be a priority in a short segment. For 2030, more expensive and complicated systems should be considered on routes such as Döşemealtı, 100. Yıl, Dumlupınar Boulevard. Metrobus will, at that time, he said Turkey would be much richer if the subway.

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