34 Istanbul

Test drive started in Beylikdüzü metrobus line

Trial flights on the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line, which had been expected for months and were postponed due to the collapse of the bridge in Avcılar, started today. After the technical voyages, passenger trials were conducted for passenger capacity and demand. [more…]


Teachers to Tell the Railways

As a result of the joint protocol of TCDD and the General Directorate of Vocational Technical Education of the Ministry of National Education, a course was organized for teachers who will work in the fields and branches of Rail System Technologies opened in Anatolian Vocational High Schools. Appointed [more…]


Rail to Istanbul Street

Istanbul Street, which was recently closed to park, will fall on one lane and then rail will be laid for tram. One of the most important streets of Duzce, Istanbul Street, Istanbul's famous Beyoglu and Istiklal Street [more…]


Islahiye opened for rail transport

The railway, which was closed to transportation due to the damage of the rails in the explosion during the passage of the freight train in İslahiye, was reopened to transportation with the renewal of the rails. According to the information received from the officials of the State Railways (DDY) Adana Regional Directorate, yesterday [more…]