TCDD Urla Camp Will Be Destroyed

urla tcdd campi
urla tcdd campi

TCDD Urla Camp Will Be Destroyed: The demolition decision for TCDD Urla Training and Recreation Facilities has come. This decision was approved by the Council of State. The council committee's decision regarding the demolition of TCDD's training and recreation facilities located in the Urla district of Izmir on the grounds that it was built illegally in the first degree site and was against the Coastal Law, was approved by the court by the Council of State.

As a result of the examination made by the municipality upon the request of the İzmir Governorship in 2009 for the "determination of the status of the structures in the coastal zone in the district" in 14 for the facilities serving TCDD employees, retirees, public personnel and daily holidaymakers in Urla Gelinkaya location. The final decision on the emerging situation was made by the XNUMXth Chamber of the Council of State.

The Council of State requested the annulment of the court decision opened by the TCDD to İzmir 4th Administrative Court and the demolition decision was replaced by the TCDD with the request of the cancellation of the demolition decision taken on the grounds that the facilities were built without license in the first degree site and constituted a violation of the Coastal Law. The lawsuit filed in Istanbul concluded.

The decision of the 14th Administrative Court of Izmir, which found the decision of the Urla Municipal Committee to demolish the illegal buildings in the facilities and to close the camp, was approved in the case decided in the 4th Division of the Council of State.

Evacuation of Earthquake Victims Waiting for Demolition

It was closed in 2010 upon the demolition decision taken by the Municipality of Urla, but in the process 1. 2. After the reduction of the degree of re-opened last year, the municipality with a temporary license, the final decision is expected to be made on the process of burning.

After the earthquake disaster in Van, 350 people still live in the facilities that open families to earthquake victims. It has been reported that the earthquake survivors of Van will continue to stay here until June, and the demolition will be carried out after the earthquake victims are evacuated at the scheduled date.

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